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Screener Squad: Light of My Life

Light of My Life Movie Review


The future looks grim in Light of My Life, the narrative feature writing/directing debut from Casey Affleck. Affleck also stars as the lead character, Dad, who is raising his daughter Rag (Anna Pniowsky) in the wilderness after a disease wipes out almost all the women in the world. Though the father is doing his best to protect her from the evils of this world and raise her the best he can, Rag is feeling trapped having to pretend being a boy to avoid detection from dangerous men. As circumstances force them to go on the run, they must do their best to protect each other while also enduring the horrors of a desolate post-apocalypse. Justin, Lara, and Allen decided to take the road less traveled to review this movie which clearly takes inspiration from The Road as much as Y: The Last Man. Was it worth the time? Tune in to find out.


DIRECTED BY: Casey Affleck

STARRING: Casey Affleck, Anna Pniowsky, Elizabeth Moss, Tom Bower, Timothy Webber

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