Screener Squad: Giant Little Ones


It’s another whimsical tale of childhood and coming-of-age here on Screener Squad. This time, Justin, Brad, and Lexie will tell you what they thought of the story of Franky (Josh Wiggins), who lives in Vancouver with his mother (Maria Bello) and sister (Olivia Scriven) after his father (Kyle MacLachlan) abandons the family for another man. After celebrating a heavy night of drinking on his birthday with his friends, Franky is stunned when his best friend Ballas (Darren Mann), who is dating another girl, starts performing oral sex on him. Rather than speak about what happened, Ballas spreads a rumor that Franky was the one who aggressively initiated the act on Ballas¬†against his wishes. Now stuck in a whirlwind of high school gossip and bullying, Franky must find a way to navigate the messiness of sexual identity and finding his own way in life. Listen here to find out what our trio thought of this surprisingly nuanced little indie film.


Directed by: Keith Behrman

Starring: Josh Wiggins, Maria Bello, Olivia Scriven, Kyle MacLachlan, Darren Mann, Taylor Hickson

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