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The Final Days of Gotham – Episode 6 – 13 Stitches

After a week hiatus due to a rerun last week, we are now crossing the halfway point of the season with this episode directed by lead star Ben McKenzie. Jim’s friend Eduardo has been exposed as a traitor and has sent Riddler to kill Jim Terminator-style. Meanwhile, a thief has been absconding with Penguin’s treasure and he must enlist the aid of Selina to get revenge. And all the while Jeremiah is doing…something that will definitely pay off next episode if the commercials are any indication. This week’s episode of the show was pretty good, but this week’s episode of the podcast is one of the most entertaining yet as Nick gloats about predicting a plot point he saw coming last week, while the last ten minutes devolve into insane conspiracy theories and symbolism analysis. Brace yourselves, fair listeners!

If you want to hear the main trio’s entire coverage of the show, check out the videos below from the Unapologetic Geek Out podcast for their comprehensive reviews of the previous four seasons. Time codes will be provided for when to avoid the spoiler talks:

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