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Screener Squad: Dragon Ball Super: Broly (In-Depth Review)

We’ve turned the nerd level up to ‘maximumer’ for this review of Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Yes, we are a month behind on this review, but it was only recently released in some towns nearby members of our squad and we figured we should capitalize on the movie crossing the $100 million mark in the global box-office last week! Because this is no challenge one person can face, Justin Zarian assembled the biggest group of Dragon Ball fans he could find with Michael Riojas, Shakyl Lambert, Bradly Martin and Matt Frank(!) to describe what worked and what didn’t work in this movie. There’ll be funny comments, insightful commentary and more Dragon Ball Z Abridged jokes than you can count in what was one of the most entertaining reviews we’ve done in a while. How was the movie itself though? You’ll have to listen to find out.

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