Highly Suspect Reviews: A Simple Favor

Anna Kendrick plays Stephanie, a widowed super-mom who manages to do it all for her son as well as run an instructional mom vlog. She strikes up a strange opposites-attract friendship with the wild Emily (Blake Lively) but before you know it, this other mom that is breaking Stephanie out of her normal routine mysteriously disappears. Stephanie isn’t exactly the laid-back and don’t worry about it type and she goes full Veronica Mars trying to find out what happened. And that is one seriously twisty and wild path. Director Paul Feig breaks away (not completely, but a lot) from his usual style of film with this comedy-thriller that we have a feeling will surprise you. But what will really surprise you is the strength of feeling coming from all of our critics (Chris, Aaron, and Beau) on this review.

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