Digital Noise Episode 162: The New Blood

Digital Noise

Chris is joined by a newcomer to, but not a newcomer to film criticism, John Gholson, and a fine pair they make indeed. Together they take on some strange, trashy, and in some cases, kinda awesome, blu-ray and dvd releases.



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5 thoughts on “Digital Noise Episode 162: The New Blood”

    1. Man, even as I was saying it, I was thinking to myself, “Wait, isn’t he already cast in one”? But I couldn’t dredge up the specifics or if I was actually correct.

  1. Hey Chris, do you have any recommendations for trailer compilations? I like to put “Trailer Wars” on in the background when I have guests over, but I’m looking for others along those lines.

    1. I think the only ones I have are all out of print. Old dvds of horror/sci-fi/exploitation stuff I picked up along the way.

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