Digital Noise Episode 151: Schroedinger’s Podcast – Are Chris and Joe Dead or Alive?


Forgive the barely-a-joke title, because we’ve got a lot of great podcastiness in store for you as Chris and Joe take on all the recent Blu-ray and DVD releases and give their well-thought-out, professional, recommendations. Lol.

BluFantasticBeastsReview   BluPatriotsDayReview   BluSingReview

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BluDonnieDarkoRemasteredReview   BluWitchtrapReview   BluChildEaterReview

Empty Space

BluHouse2StoriesReview   BluByeByeManReview   BluViolentShitReview

Empty Space

BluDeadOrAliveReview   BluThreeReview   BluSwordMasterReview

Empty Space

BluKindOfMurderReview   BluCreepingGardenReview   BluLoversOnBridgeReview

Empty Space

BluBeingThereReview   BluWanderersReview   BluYouthOregonReview

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Blu20thCenturyWomenReview   BluSilenceReview   BluSiliconValleyS3Review

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2 thoughts on “Digital Noise Episode 151: Schroedinger’s Podcast – Are Chris and Joe Dead or Alive?”

  1. Ric John Manalastas

    Having seen Johnnie To’s Three twice in the theatre on the same day and reading the reviews, for a minor but interesting blip in his filmography, it was still entertaining. Outside of the big slow-mo action set piece, it still contains hallmarks that I enjoy in modern-day Asian films and Andrew Davis’ work (from Code of Silence to The Fugitive): making light of social issues without hammering it in and the back and forth control of power.

  2. Thanks guys.
    On Rogue One, I don’t think Jyn’s character transition is as groundless as you think, remember she hears her father’s sad tragic sacrifice in order to sabatoge the Death Star, witnesses the weapon being used to destroy a entire city of innocent people & have her father die in her arms all in rapid succession. Just 1 of those things would be enough to turn alot of people.

    On fanservice, Chris I feel your way overstating it’s presence. Just the bar thugs & the droids and both are only a few seconds. I guess Tarkin & Leia could be considered such but even If you think they visually fail, I feel they were placed in the story organically. And yes I think it did need to be Tarkin, he was the one who originally proposed the Death Star as a concept while Dooku provided the original prototype design, so of course he would want to be there for it’s 1st test firing.
    Personally I feel trying & failing with the cgi was more respect worthy then going the cheap way out & trying to say Palpatine, Vader AND Tarkin could not be present for the DS test.

    Regardless, have a great rest of 2017.

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