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Subscribers! The New Breakfast Pub is Now Available!

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Howdy Subscribers,

Once again, we want to thank you for helping support OneOfUs.Net and counting yourselves among the inner sanctum of The Us. Your support is what allows us to bring you the content you enjoy so much!

Hey, speaking of content you enjoy, we have two new exclusive audio offerings for you today!

First, the new Breakfast Pub has been added to the subscriber’s lounge of the forums! Chris and I discuss the new Fantastic Four trailer, the real possibility of a new X-Files shows, the terrifying prospect of an Adam Sandler western, and much more!


It’s our tenth episode and we even have new artwork for the show thanks to our Graphics Wizard Ryan Dunsmore!


Next up, we’ve added to the subscriber’s lounge the audio from Inside The Locker’s recent Royal Rumble commentary!


Brian and J.C. were joined by Amanda and John from All Rings Considered, Richard Whittaker from Digital Noise, and Eugene Selassie (author of our own wrestling blog Smark Country) for an evening of jokes, insights, and jokes. If you weren’t able to join us live, or even if you were, feel free to download the audio as a auditory keepsake.


One last bit of news for those who might not have seen the post today, The Original Gentlemen have returned…and they’re going premium!

THEOG S2 371

After this week’s free episode, THEOG will be a podcast exclusive to Brown Coat subscribers ($5/month) and above. Give a listen to this week’s show and please consider subscribing if you enjoy it.


Again, thanks for your support and let’s keep adding to the Us Nation population!



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