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The Pre-Weekend Recap: July 18, 2014

Welcome one and all to the Pre-Weekend Recap for the week of July 18, 2014! There were some pretty cool developments on the site this week! First, there is a new music podcast that you can read about below. Second, we announced the date and location of One Of Us’ San Diego Comic Con meetup and pub crawl event! To find out more about next Saturday’s SDCC get together and all the madness that will ensue, check out the event page here.


But wait, there’s more! Below you’ll find a choice selection of posts that debuted this week. Just because we like you so much, there are also descriptions of the posts and links leading you directly to the content. Go ahead and enjoy it, you deserve it!

Somebody Likes It: Rush 2112

A brand new podcast made its premiere on the site and it’s all about music! Somebody Likes It is hosted by Shane Bartell, Kevin Newsum, and Ryan Newsum, an intrepid trio of music lovers and alcohol enthusiasts. The three of them will spend each episode talking about an album that has a devoted following, but they specifically have not listened to extensively. On this first episode, the guys are telling ridiculous stories and talking about Rush 2112, so get to know them and the album by listening in!


Back Issues: The Hustler Magazine Story Bares It All

For whatever reason, Chris Herman was REALLY excited to review this documentary about the history of Hustler Magazine. Even if you’re not a fan of Larry Flynt, this film demonstrates that he has left an indelible mark American culture in a number of ways. Back Issues: The Hustler Magazine Story gives an unbiased and thorough look at Hustler’s history and how it has impacted First Amendment issues, adult entertainment, and the magazine industry as a whole. Check out Chris’  review of Back Issues and find out how revealing it is.


World of UScast – Wayward Podcast: What’s That Burning Sensation?

It is HOT in Japan these days, as Toshi and Sarah can attest. Still, it’ll take more than extreme heat to keep these two away from the mics. This time on Wayward Podcast, our hosts from the Land of the Rising Sun talk about how one Japanese politician employed histrionics on live television to apologize and some protesters setting themselves on fire. And of course, some discussion about television and movies. If you live outside the United States and you have or would like to create a quality podcast for the World of Us show family, please get in touch with us at Your podcast could be on the next episode!


Ash & Fern: A Post-World Cup America

After an excellent World Cup, it seems like many Americans are moving on from soccer and the hype generated by the U.S. Men’s National Team is fading. As a passionate futbol fan who follows the beautiful game all year round, Ash has decided to use her latest post to try to prevent too many of you from abandoning soccer. She lays out several compelling reasons why soccer is great to watch even when the World Cup is years away. Give it a look and let her know if you’ve decided to give soccer a chance!


Digital Noise Episode 52: Blowing Your Mind

Chris Cox did a pretty great job summarizing this week’s edition of Digital Noise, so let’s just lift it wholesale. “This week we look Under the Skin of a Nymphomaniac with Deadly Eyeswho is Caught with Kid Cannabis and say a lot of Bad Words about the Watermark left by Scanners on their SX_Tape called Hell on Wheels involving Rigor Mortis….(whew)….and, you know, also something about Orphan Black…”

Yeah, he nailed it. Of course, there’s also listener mail and a stellar giveaway, so get stop reading this and enjoy the Noise.

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