Somebody Likes It Ep 1: Rush 2112


Hello my little chickadees, and welcome to “Somebody Likes It”…the show that takes a slippery idea and wanders around aimlessly, all the while attempting to keep that idea as slippery as it possibly can be.

Now, there’s a couple of ways to view this concept. The easiest target to hit, and also the closest to our original intention, is that the 3 of us will drink copious amounts of liquor and talk about an album that, while very important to a lot of people, none of us have really spent any time with. This doesn’t mean that said record is a cult classic, nay dear reader, as our intent is quite contrary to that line of thinking.

Our idea is to dig into music beloved by a swath of humanity, but not necessarily us; which is not to say we don’t like the music, or that we’re unfamiliar with the music. Rather, the 3 of us want to become more familiar with it…imagine you’re sitting in a garage with your 2 best friends and somebody opines “Hey, you don’t really know the Kinks, cause you never really listened to a Kinks album all the way through”. And then everybody runs out and listens to a Kinks album all the way through before the next sitting around the garage stuff…

But there is another lens through which to view this idea, and, well yeah it’s pretty much the same as the first. Get drunk and talk about music.
I have to say, these first couple of episodes are standing on newborn baby deer shaky legs; we’re still feeling this stuff out, but I will tell you as the weeks have gone by, we are gaining strength…

With appropriate little fanfare, here are your “hosts”

Shane Bartell
Shane Bartell plays some instruments and writes “songs”. Some things you might find interesting about him: he has a scar on his left middle finger knuckle from trying to bust into (successfully!!) his dad’s “marijuana storing toolbox” when he was in middle school. When he was in 9th grade a dude gave him the shittiest tattoo ever (and that person should have known better).  Music? Just fine by him.

Kevin Newsum
Kevin Newsum’s toe started tapping somewhere around the LBJ administration and never stopped. He managed to unearth Sgt Pepper from beneath an onslaught of minstrel-friendly effluvia his parents hoarded, and from then on twangs and beats were never far from earshot. He’s found diamonds and dung in most every genre. He’s also a professional nerd (though there’s more to it than that), executive producer of a show in its 14th year at SXSW Interactive, and incurably curious regarding the next big sound. He is fond of the riffing.

Ryan Newsum
Ryan Newsum is a self-professed, life-long “music nerd”. Having spent time mastering the undeniably sexy French horn during his adolescence (that’s right, ladies–marching band!), subsequent years have seen him dabble in the music business in several capacities: radio intern, artist manager, club booker and promoter. These days, Mr. Newsum has come to realize that the best way he can contribute to the rich tapestry of the music world is to have drinks in his brother’s garage, chatting with his two best friends about iconic records.

A few things you should know about this show before before you dig into it:

*Shane inadvertently created a drinking game. Every time Shane says the word “exactly” take a shot…and feel his dignity slip away one drop at a time…

*The Pavement song we reference is “Stereo” not fucking “Shady Lane”.

*Yeah yeah, we all know all about Ayn Rand and her bullshit Libertarian philosophy. But we don’t really care about how we mis-stated, or didn’t get something right…that shit is BORING.

So grab a Chalice and join us…we welcome all comments (except ayn rand or conspiracy theories), rest assured you are in fact wrong and we are right, but we still  can’t wait to read your opinions…bring it.


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512 thoughts on “Somebody Likes It Ep 1: Rush 2112”

  1. The storys about ratt were cool, but this podcast had no focus, which made it really boring to listen to.

  2. Yeah, listening to this I have to give some strong criticism.

    -It feels very out of order. Before you guys talk about 2112, you talk about what album you’ll be cover next time. That’s something to gush about at the end. And you all play the primary song BEFORE you actually explain what the album is. It doesn’t feel like there’s a direct flow here.
    -All three of you sound really similar and tend to talk over each other, so it’s hard to know who’s talking or telling a story.
    -There’s really no formal introduction to know who you all are or transitioning from topic to topic.

    -I’m not quite sure if this is about you all listening to this album for the first time and commentating on it or you have listened to it and are listening to it again…
    -You guys spend more time telling stories or your feelings about Rush rather than the album or songs themselves.

    -And this is a nitpick, but it’s pronounced “Sear-inks.”

    I understand this is a new podcast, but for this to be music-centric, it doesn’t feel that way. It sounds very unfocused and mumble-heavy. If the other podcasts on here that don’t focus on music can sound more passionate…that’s a big issue.

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