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Digital Noise Episode 52: Blowing Your Mind

Chris is about to leave for Comic Con and Richard is given the keys to the kingdom…or is he? Either way, the guys this week take the good, take the bad, they take them all and there you have the DIGITAL NOISE!

This week we look Under the Skin of a Nymphomaniac with Deadly Eyes who is Caught with Kid Cannabis and say a lot of Bad Words about the Watermark left by Scanners on their SX_Tape called Hell on Wheels involving Rigor Mortis….(whew)….and, you know, also something about Orphan Black

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Kid Cannabis Bluray Review   Under the Skin Bluray Review   Orphan Black Season 2 Bluray Review

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Scanners Bluray Review   SX Tape Bluray Review   Watermark Bluray Review

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Bad Words Bluray Review   Nymphomaniac Bluray Review   Deadly Eyes Bluray Review

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Caught Bluray Review   Hell on Wheels Season 3 Bluray Review   Rigor Mortis Bluray Review




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