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The Pre-Weekend Recap: June 6, 2014

Welcome once again to Pre-Weekend Recap! As you might expect, the One of Us crew was fantastically productive this week. There were plenty of articles, blog posts, and podcasts featured for your entertainment and it would be a shame if you missed out on it.




This is the place where you can start catching up on the material that might have slipped by you in the rush of the week. Below you’ll find a few of the features that debuted this week, with descriptions and links right there. All you have to do is enjoy the content. Easy enough, right?

Film Fracas: Godzilla

Oh yes, like a large portion of the internet, we’re still talking about Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla over here. What better way to reflect upon the deeply polarizing effect the film has had on the public than to record a podcast about it? In this corner, Matt Frank, kaiju enthusiast arguing in defense of the film. In the other corner, Martin Thomas, the geeky statesman in the dissenting position. It’s the inaugural episode of Film Fracas and it’s sure to put you in a fighting mood.


Seven More Characters Who Should Get The Maleficent Treatment

Disney’s Maleficent did pretty well financially in theaters last week, which is not at all surprising. People love seeing things from the villain’s point of view, whether it’s on television, in a movie, in comics, or any other type of media.  Like many geeks out there, Chris Herman would like to see more characters from the dark side get their chance to tell their side of the story.  Check out his suggestions, let him know what you think, and share your own ideas in the comments!

 Interview with Filmmaker Jordan Cobb

Chris Harrison’s shining the spotlight on another emerging artist once again. This time, the focus is directed at Jordan Cobb, a graduate of the Digital Filmmaking program at the University of Central Arkansas. Not only did Chris do an extensive interview with the young filmmaker, we also have Jordan’s short film, Special Delivery, right here on the site for your viewing pleasure.  Check out the interview to find out more about Jordan, his influences, and his plans for the future, and be sure to leave your feedback on the film!


SMARK Country: Ten Steps Toward A Better WWE

You have to truly love a franchise to be willing to acknowledge its flaws instead of ignoring or excusing them. In Eugene’s latest article, he demonstrates that loves wrestling 10 times over by pointing out a few ways that the WWE could improve itself. Some of his suggestions are small and standard while others are substantial and radical. If you’re a wrestling fan to any degree, you should definitely examine Eugene’s list and contrbute your own thoughts as well.


Digital Noise Episode 46: Which One Is The Alternate Universe?

This week on Digital Noise,  the alternate universe has taken over for Earth-616. The other Chris and Richard may not be the same as the ones we know and love, but they’re just as good at reviewing home releases as the originals. Perhaps even BETTER. On this edition, the guys are covering great selections such as Cheap Thrills and the last season of Warehouse 13, the terrible ones like Blue Movie and Independence Daysaster, and a whole bunch of other titles in between those extremes. And of course, there’s a giveaway for one of your lucky listeners!  It may be an alternate universe, but it’s the same great Digital Noise as always!

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