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Digital Noise: Episode 46: Which One is the Alternative Universe?

This week Earth 616 is strangely uncommunicative so the gents from the OTHER universe, Richard and alternative Chris, take over the show. But of course you still get all the great stuff you usually expect from a Digital Noise episode: viewer mail, great reviews, and of course a…GIVEAWAY!

This week the boys take a look at the end of a favorite series (Warehouse 13), the best new midnight movie to come along in probably a decade (Cheap Thrills), the goofiest slasher film to come out of the glorious gory 80’s (Sleepaway Camp), a Criterion release of a John Wayne/Howard Hawks classic (Red River) and oh, so much more. Hell, we even watched the Syfy Channel’s Independence DAYsaster just to show you we’re serious. Check it out.


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Sleepaway Camp   House in the Alley   Independence DaysasterEmpty Space24 Exposures   Blue Movie   Cheap Thrills

Empty Space

Dr Who Adventure in Space and Time   Eastern Bandits   Gambit

Empty Space

Endless Love   Hitler and the Nazis   Warehouse 13 Season 5

Empty Space

Red River   Journey to the West



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3) Add #Journeygiveaway

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