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SMARK Country: Ten Steps Toward a Better WWE

We’ve all done it before. Every wrestling fan has, at one point or another, tried to postulate how they would “fix” World Wrestling Entertainment. While I will admit that the show is not terrible right now, it’s a far cry from high quality programming week-in and week-out. As merely a spectator who has watched wrestling from dozens of promotions for over three decades, I am only giving my humble opinion of the top ten things that the “Fed” needs to fix…


10.) Chuck the PG Rating

It has had its time and place. Unfortunately, it’s not helping when you’re hooking children, then they’re quitting the product by the time they turn 13-14 because of Cena, Hornswoggle/Torito, etc. That “embarrassment” factor needs to go.

9.) Bring Back the Brand Extension

I’d go back to separate Raw and SmackDown rosters. This would prevent the overexposure of certain superstars, while allowing those not getting TV time the chance to shine.

8.) New Booker, New Writer

It’s my firm belief that WWE needs to hire Paul Heyman as head booker AND talent relations. Furthermore, they should tap Freddie Prinze Jr as head writer. Say what you want about these two as people, but they have minds for this business and when they held similar positions in the past, the product was higher quality

7.) Burn the Divas Division Down and Start from Scratch

Understand, this is no knock against women in wrestling, quite the opposite in fact. The only ones I wouldn’t fire on the spot would be AJ Lee, Tamina Snuka, Paige, Emma, Naomi, Layla and Natalya. I’d bump up half of the women in NXT (developmental) to the main show. Hell, I’d have Trish Stratus come back and become a GM of sorts, trying her best to gain legitimacy for the WOMEN’S (not Divas) division.

6.) Split the Unified World Title

This is an absolute must, since that unification and the end of the brand extension is what led to the same people hogging up all of the TV time each week.

5.) Bring Back the Cruiserweight/Light Heavyweight Title

This might require unifying the IC and U.S. belts, or retiring the U.S. title altogether. But this would help guys like Sin Cara, Kofi Kingston, Yoshi Tatsu and others who might not ever get a shot at the world title.

4.) Dump a Few Pay-Per-Views

Not the elite events, mind you, just the ones centered around gimmick matches. These would include TLC, Hell in a Cell, and Elimination Chamber. These matches used to be special because they would randomly pop up from time to time and we’d be in shock and awe watching. Now because they all occur on a predictable timetable every year, they don’t feel as special.

3.) No More Scripted Vignettes

Promos are to be ad-libbed by the superstars from here on out. Only the solid mic workers will be doing these. If you can’t work a mic without being fed a script, then you will be assigned a valet or manager to do the talking for you. It worked in the past and would work again.

2.)More Title Contenders

Specially, I mean there needs to be more POC and international faces with a legit chance at the world title. It seems like Alberto Del Rio is kept around just to say that WWE gave a World Title reign to a person of color. Seriously, Vince needs to get over his fear of a Black world champion and the company needs to get over its trepidation at having international talent not named Sheamus or ADR in the main event.

1.) John Cena Turns Heel

Sorry Make-A-Wish kids, but you can’t truthfully call the WWE the place where “anything could happen” when a Cena heel turn can never happen. This character is as stale as moldy cheese and needs repackaging, ASAP.


As stated, this isn’t a magic cure-all for World Wrestling Entertainment, but these steps, I believe, would fix many of the problems plaguing the top promotion in the United States. What are your ten things that you’d fix about the WWE?



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