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Digital Noise Episode 40: Indemnity Crisis

On the good ship DigiNoise, it’s a sweet trip through the week’s best and worst Blu-ray and DVD releases. Captains Brian and Chris navigate around The Nut Job and Ride Along to arrive at the sweet shores of Double Indemnity and Philomena; all while getting the sugary wonder of that award-winning shanty from Once stuck in their heads.

Then it’s a short jaunt into the darker timeline/parallel universe where the evil twin version of Brian and Chris discuss, what else, Touch of Evil.

Cap it all off with a delicious Zero Charisma giveaway and you’ve got yourself one decadent episode of Digital Noise. Is anyone else super hungry now?


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Ride Along Blu-ray Review   Once Blu-ray Review   The Nut Job Blu-ray Review

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Ripper Street Season 2 Blu-ray Review   Philomena Blu-ray Review   Date and Switch Blu-ray Review

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Double Indemnity Blu-ray    Mobius Blu-ray Review   Stan Lee's Mighty 7 Blu-ray REview

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Better Living Through Chemistry Blu-ray Review   Flowers in the Attic Blu-ray Review   Touch of Evil Blu-ray Review

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Confession of Murder Blu-ray Review   Sleep My Love Blu-ray Review   Alice Blu-ray Review

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Zero Charisma DVD Review





How To Win This Week’s Giveaway:

1.) Follow @OneOfUsNet on Twitter

2.) Tweet at us with the absolute worst D&D character name you can think of.

3.) Add #ZeroCGiveaway

4.) We’ll select our favorites and contact those winners via Twitter (open to U.S. Residents only)


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