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The Pre-Weekend Recap: March 28, 2014

The Pre-Weekend Recap has returned once again! Welcome to the feature designed to help you catch up with some of the features that debuted on One Of Us this week.

The team behind the site had an incredibly productive week as you can see. Films were reviewed, blogs posts were written, and podcasts were recorded all for your benefit, dear visitor. Below you’ll find a few of the features that were posted this week, so consider this the best place to start catching up if you missed anything due to your hectic schedule.

The INTERN-Net Show(case)

The INTERN-Net Show transformed into a greater being this week and we think you’ll approve of the changes. Instead of retreading the same old geek-oriented news stories that you can find on dozens of other websites hours after they’re relevant, The INTERN-Net Show is dedicated to finding the newsmakers of the future: all of you talented individuals out there. Each episode of the newly-christened INTERN-Net Showcase will feature work submitted by people just like you. If you have a short film, artwork, music, or any other project you’d like to share with the world, reach out to the show’s host, Chris Harrison, by email ( or on Twitter (@Chris_Harrison_) and perhaps you’ll be the subject of the next episode! Check out the new format right here, right now.


Infestation: SXSW Reviews


SXSW 2014 was so massive, the One of Us crew still has plenty to say about it long after its conclusion. While our reviewers couldn’t possibly talk about every single film they saw, it’s important to recognize the stand-out features.  Martin, Brian, Chris Cox, and the Austin Chronicle’s Richard Whittaker recently sat down to talk about a few of the movies that piqued their interest, such as CreepThe Guest, and Jimi: All By My Side. Pull up a chair and listen to the guys prattle on about some of the most impressive movies SXSW had to offer.


Ash & Fern – And I thought I cussed like a sailor!

Ash & Fern 371

Admittedly, Fern is pretty late to the Deadwood train. Fortunately for her and all the other stragglers out there, the adventures of Seth Bullock, Al Swearengen, and the rest of the citizens of Deadwood hold up just as well as they did a decade ago. Check out this post to find out who Fern’s favorite characters are and what her unattainable dream job is.  Of course, feel free to talk all about Deadwood and recommend more shows for her to check out in the comment section!


In Discussion: Batman vs. Superman

Not only is Chris Harrison running the INTERN-Net Showcase, he’s also the brains behind In Discussion, the place where you can join other members of the site in talks about pertinent issues in the geek community. Of course, the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie has been a hot-button topic for months, so it’s high time we discussed it here. Is there any possible chance that this movie will be good? Why are so many people against it and how can DC and Warner Bros start winning the war of public opinion? Share your thoughts here and keep the discussion going!


Digital Noise: Viewing Party Massacre

DN-featured image

Much like Freddy, Jason, or Michael Myers, you just cannot keep Digital Noise down, no matter what you try. Chris and Brian are back once again to give you the skinny on some of the most recent Blu-Ray and DVD releases. Included in this week’s mix are Frozen, American Hustle, and several cult horror films such as Slumber Party Massacre and The Flesh and Blood Show. Of course, there’s also a giveaway for you thrill-seekers out there, so listen in and find out how you can finally earn the title of winner!

If you like what you’ve seen here, please be sure to share our stuff with others who might enjoy it. There’s always more internet to conquer, so help us on our quest to unite the internet under one banner! Have a great weekend!