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The Intern-Net Show(case)

Change my dear. And it seems not a moment too soon.

With a push for more original content here on OneOfUs rather than reporting the same old news that you guys can read on a billion different pages, the Intern-Net Show is changing. We spend a lot of time talking about the latest movies, music, books, music and all that great stuff. But what about the next generation of film makers, artists and creators. What about you guys and the work you create.

Well the Intern-Net Showcase is the place for you. Got a short film, artwork, music, story, anything you want to share with the OneOfUs audience? Well now you can. Each episode, I will showcase your guys work and give you the opportunity to get feedback on your project. You will also have the opportunity to discuss your work in an interview for everyone to read which can also include links to your own sites for all to see. The best way to ensure you can reach me direct is on twitter @Chris_Harrison_ and email: There’s no entry requirement, just get in touch with the work you are interested in sharing. I look forward to hearing from you and sharing your work.


So this week to launch the Showcase and present the format, I will showcase my own short film ‘Cry Baby’ which took home best film at the National Theatre of Scotland’s Two Days of Darkness film competition.

48 Hour film competitions are incredibly tough. With no prior planning the notion of writing, shooting, cutting and editing a short film is tough. Horror is one of my favorite genres and I had specific ideas about the imagery I’d like to explore, so that was a great starting point for the weekend. I wanted to play with the audiences expectations and create a tight short that features twists and flashbacks and all came together with that “aha!” moment and I think elements were stronger than others in that regard.


Despite the massive strain of time. We managed to have a great time and push ourselves creatively in each department. I think the biggest advice for 48 Hour films and productions in general, especially when you are evolving creatively is to be willing to explore, take risks and above all, fail. – Chris Harrison.

Get the full scoop about Showcase in the video below and see the full short “Cry Baby” below. Feedback, questions and critique are absolutely welcome.

Want to feature your work next week? Get in touch right now.