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Digital Noise Episode 36: Viewing Party Massacre

Like a hockey-mask-clad madman living in the woods, Digital Noise just keeps coming back and coming back. Go ahead, take another swing with that machete, see if that puts us down for good.


Brian and Chris once again bring you the aftermath of their latest bloody viewing party. They hack and slash their way through big tentpole releases like Frozen and American Hustle, as well as smaller cult releases like Monsters on DVD and Scream Factory’s Slumber Party Massacre Blu-ray. They are also giving you the chance to win a Blu-ray copy of Beyond Outrage, in which “Beat” Takeshi plays one of cinema’s most homicidal heroes.

Crank up the noise…if you dare!


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Beyond Outrage w time

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How To Win This Week’s Giveaway:

1.) Follow @OneOfUsNet on Twitter

2.) Tweet at us with what your super cool Yakuza nickname would be (Ex: The Doughy Fist or The Punctual Punch-Face)

3.) Add #OneOfUs

4.) We’ll select our favorite and contact that winner via Twitter (open to U.S. Residents only)