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‘Write a Movie With Us’ – Week 3

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So, week Three. After another highly creative and engaging week we have arrived at our first major decision to be made; what our script will be about.

So take a look at the catch up video below and continue reading before heading off into the comments section once again.

So, based solely on the content provided over the past two weeks, I have created three individual pitches for our script. I want you to choose which one works the best and which we should pursue. Feel free to discuss what works in each one, what could potentially be added but make sure to make sure which one you want to pursue.

Possibility 1.
The future is here. With computers, smartphones and digital technology we are truly living in a new age. But what about the communities, struck with poverty and crime, that are left behind. Looking for his break, documentary film maker John Smith takes on a local urban legend serial killer, who maimed and tortured within a housing block many years ago. As he begins to investigate the legend, he finds that all is not as it seems with the block and the residents may know more than they let on.

So, this stemmed from the concepts of home invasion and an institution or location filled with people who weren’t quite right. Here, the character would investigate and pry into the lives of the people who live in this block, the older ones who were alive when the murders occurred especially. His obsession grows, and he finds himself, possibly with his crew trapped in the building block full of psychotic characters who take pleasure in their torture.


Trapped in the tower block, with the entire population after you. Many possibilities for torture, fear etc. Perhaps one of the characters is tied in the tub, with the water slowly rising.


Possibility 2
John Smith, photographer by trade finds an intriguing camera at a garage sale. The seller is keen to remove it from his own possession. John finds a strange figure inhabiting the camera with every photo he takes regardless of where it is took, getting closer and closer to the lens. John’s obsession with the camera grows and he begins to experience strange dreams and visions. After multiple attempts, the original owner allows John to meet with him, he begins to understand the origins of the camera but the owners Suicide ends the meeting. John needs to figure out what is going on, what he can do and why he can’t seem to help wanting to press that shutter over and over again.

So obsession and elements of the supernatural are very present here. We can play around with dreams/nightmares (even the uncanny valley) and focus on his descent into madness. Perhaps somehow the figure haunts him, in every single reflective surface? Taunting him. We can create a fascinating origin, a ghost story even, take influence from things like The Ring, Shutter, The Grudge. Certainly slow, building the tension. A possible conclusion could be that final shutter press, releasing whatever it was in the camera, trapping him now, until someone else finds the camera.

Possibility 3
Renowned Serial Killer “Killer Joe” (name TBD) contacts film maker John Smith. He wants him to create a documentary film on his legacy. John is hesitant, but he needs a break and Joe promises to hand himself in afterwards, and tell the police he made him do it. John reluctantly accepts and begins to “rabbit hole” into the killers world. He will be tested – witnessing (filming) murders and engaging with a very intellectual killer his world begins to change.

So this description is slightly vague, for good reason. It could go two ways – perhaps it is simply he follows the killer etc etc, or we reveal, perhaps, in part using what has been shot (touching, though not following found footage) to reveal that he was the killer the entire time. He has split personality and his mind had put them both at odds for one to win. This, again touching on elements that cropped up frequently the past two weeks. Joe can try to rationalise what he does as he brings John into this world. As John slips, who do we identify with? Potentially interesting.

There are three, distinct roads to travel down. It is your decision which we take. The roads themselves haven’t been fully built yet, so names, situations, characters can all still evolve, be added and change over the next few weeks. Think of this as the groundwork.

Of course, this process is organic and can grow at any moment! So don’t worry if you missed the previous weeks and want to catch up on what’s going on; you can do that here for week 1 and week 2.

Next week, we’ll be looking at bringing these characters to life. So once you have made your decision start thinking about these characters, who they are, where did they come from? what makes them tick, who can we include beyond “John”. Keep those things in mind for next week, and I’ll see you in the comment section.