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‘Write A Movie With Us’ – Week 1

We teased and we previewed and now the wait is over, Write A Movie With Us is finally here. Welcome to week one.

If you aren’t familiar with the project then don’t worry. You can find out all you need to know right here. But to recap, each week I will offer a new discussion point and down below, as a collective of writers we will discuss, debate and rebut each idea and concept. The more thrown in to discussion, the more we can mould into a fully fledged script, which I will put together using everything that you do.

So it is week one, and we want to ease gently into the process, get to know each other and our workflow. The ultimate decision we are looking for this week is what genre of Horror we want to write, so bear that in mind also when commenting below.

Keep coming back to the discussion as much as you can throughout the week, I will be doing the same and I look forward to reading and collaborating with you as we go on. If an example, or story peaks your interest, don’t be afraid to question the poster about to get more details on it. Make sure you have a DISQUS username so we can keep track of who you are and your contribution. More importantly, so I can take note of you as soon as you contribute so you can be credited.

We’ve begun a creative process and I am extremely excited. You are all now writers. Welcome to the writers room.