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Write A Movie With Us Preview

Last week, we teased a brand new feature called Write A Movie With Us.

But what is this enigmatic feature? The name implies a great many things and today, it will all become clear. Write A Movie With Us is all about you – the community. An entirely collaborative effort wherein we will write our very own horror film. Check out this introductory video below…



To recap: Each week, A brand new talking point will be offered and these will range from discussion of the genre, to specifics on our script including plot, characters and themes. These conversations will be entirely natural and throughout each week there will be ongoing discussions on such things as narrative structure, character development and history that’ll further our understanding of the genre and storytelling to allow us the most cohesive script possible. It also means that if you have no experience in writing, then that doesn’t matter at all. All you need is an idea and a desire to work with fellow writers.

So the big question what will our script be? Well that is entirely up to you. Each week you can get involved by throwing in ideas, helping develop other ideas as a writer, pitching dialogue, anything you feel is relevant. As a collective, we will put our creative energy into each week and I will throw back what is sticking and begin to put the script together.

Excitedly, we will also be working with Tim Buel & Cody Rhyse, film directors and creators of the 15 Seconds of Horror right here on OneOfUs. They will sample plot elements, characters and anything else relevant to our script and create Instagram visual representations of those select elements. This will be a fantastic way to get an idea of how things would work on screen and where the script could go.

There is one rule; we write something entirely original (as suppose to Michael VS Freddy). Apart from that it can go anyway. You are expected, as a writer, to be respectful to other writers during discussions and prepared to work as a collective. Oh and one other thing, have as much fun as possible!

So fellow writers, here is your first discussion point I want you to think about until the launch of the project on HALLOWEEN. What is your favourite horror movie, book, story, experience? The one thing you find incredibly scary. More importantly, why does it scare you? What works about it and what what doesn’t work? Start those creative juices flowing and come back on Halloween to share them.

You can also get some inspiration by watching some classic horror films such as Halloween and Carrie. Even better, you can click the link below and get fantastic commentaries from Brian Salisbury, Chris Cox and even special guest; Rage Select’s very own Jason Murphy.