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Mind Crafts LogoHost: Ashley Moreno

Hi! My name is Ashley, and I love crafts. Also? Movies. Especially horror. And comic books and video games. (Obviously.) Usually, I have to choose between these interests — but not anymore! (Not here anyway.) Because on this blog, we’re going to work on nerd-inspired crafts, cooking, baking, brewing, and gardening projects.  It’ll be like if Weird Al and Martha Stewart had a baby. But that baby was less funny, not rich, already 30, and spent her free time (which is ample) showing you how to crochet whatever came into her head that morning. KIDDING! I’m gonna plan a little better than that.

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UntitledEpisode 2: How to Make a Gus a.k.a “Sweet Tooth” Costume

This Halloween? I had a blast. (OMG it was horrifying!)

In today’s episode, I’ll walk you through how I made my Halloween costume: Gus, from Jeff Lemire‘s 2010-2013 comic Sweet Tooth. This tutorial will  be handy for anyone making a costume that involves horns or ears, which I’m pretty sure is everyone.

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UntitledEpisode 1: Aquaman Bathing Suit


On a Justice League difficulty of, say, The Flash to Superman, this is, appropriately enough, about an Aquaman-level project. If you run into any challenges

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