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Hosts: Taylor, Kaycee & Chris

Geeks@Large is a tag-team of young, knowledgeable, talented and borderline-insane fellas currently attending the Savannah College of Art and Design. These goofy bunch of art-student nerds dedicate themselves to bringing you the newest geeky news, giving you a behind-the-scenes at their courses of study (film, comics, animation, and more), and helping you get involved in the creation of their own geeky obsessions.

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It’s Halloween time once again, gals and ghouls, and we have a delightfully horrifying subject for this episode: manga artist and horror master Junji Ito! Join Taylor and Neil as they discuss the works of Ito, reviewing both his spooky long-form stories, like Uzumaki and his spine-tingling short stories, such as The Human Chair and The Enigma of Amigara Fault. So grab your pumpkin spice latte and your favorite Snuggie and join us as we dive head first into some terrifying Japanese horror goodness!

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Episode 35: Back From the Dead

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Yes, after a bit of an unexpected hiatus, the G@L gang has returned! To make up for lost time, Taylor, Steven, and Neil discuss a variety of topics, including the new Venom film, Sony’s Spider-Man video game and a bunch of trailers for upcoming films!

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Episode 34: Infinity Knives

Its been 10 years since the inception of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. All 19 films in the canon have led to this, Avenger: Infinity War! Join Neil, Taylor, and Steven as they discuss Marvel’s massive universe shattering blockbuster! Is it an adventure for the ages or will you forget with the snap of a finger?

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Episode 33: Dungeons and Deloreans

Grab your gamepads and your Power Gloves™ because Ready Player One is here! Taylor welcomes back his G@L cohort, Kaycee, to discuss Steven Spielberg’s new Virtual Reality blockbuster. Is it a new classic in the prolific director’s resumé or a nostalgia-laden dud? Listen and find out! Don’t forget to tell us your thoughts on Ready Player One in the comments below!

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Episode 32: Wakanda Forever

After months and months of hype and anticipation, Prince T’Challa and the nation of Wakanda finally takes center stage in BLACK PANTHER. Now it is time for three random white dudes to give their thoughts on the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s latest blockbuster! Join Taylor, Neil and Steven as they discuss why Black Panther is one of Marvel’s biggest and best films to date.

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Episode 31: The Last Jedi, A Star Wars Holiday Special

The holiday season here and that means we’re returning to “a long time ago in a galaxy far far away” with the 8th chapter in the Star Wars saga, The Last Jedi! Neil, Steven and Taylor come together to review the film proper as well as discuss the divisive fan reaction and controversies surrounding the film. So grab your laser swords and let’s dive in, rebel scum!

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Episode 30: That Mindhunter State of Mind

Halloween is upon us and Taylor, Neil and Steven are here to discuss the new Netflix series, Mindhunter! In the first segment, the trio breaks down their thoughts on this telling of the beginnings of FBI’s criminal psychology unit, studying the minds of real life serial killing monsters.

Then, stick around for the second segment, as Neil and Taylor chat about some recent true crime shows and films, including Amanda Knox and The Keepers!

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Episode 29: Birth Runner 2017

It’s Steven’s birthday and Neil & Taylor help him celebrate by discussing the new follow-up to a neo noir classic, Blade Runner 2049!Do the fellas think its a worthwhile sequel or is this movie better off lost like tears in rain?

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Episode 28: We’ll All Float On

Join Taylor and Neil as they sit down to review the new hit film adaptation of Stephen King’s classic horror novel, IT! Just be sure to keep an eye out for any nearby red balloons…

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Episode 27: Lots To See At SDCC

Join Taylor and Steven as they recap some of their favorite news and trailers from San Diego Comic Con 2017, including Thor Ragnarok, Stranger Things Season 2 and Justice League!

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Episode 26: Return of the Web Slinger

On the latest G@L, Neil and Kaycee join Taylor to discuss the cinematic return of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! But first, the trio chats about Edgar Wright’s new flick, Baby Driver!

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Episode 25: No Small Wonder

Geeks@Large returns just in time for the greatest of all superheroines to make her big screen debut! Taylor and Kaycee are joined by special guest Mychela to talk about WONDER WOMAN!

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Episode 23: Rogue One, A Star Wars Holiday Special

It’s the holiday season, which is now becoming synonymous with traveling to that “long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…”. Rogue One, the first in the Star Wars Anthology film series has arrived and Taylor joins Kaycee to discuss the new sci-fi flick in this SPOILER HEAVY review!

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Episode 22: Wyoming, Wolf Cop & Westworld

Kaycee makes his return in this week’s episode of Geeks@Large. He joins Taylor to discuss his recent move to New York City, horror comedies and HBO’s latest drama, Westworld!

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Episode 21: The Pros and Cons of DragonCon

After a few months on hiatus, Geeks@Large is back! Taylor, Neil and Steven all reunited in Atlanta for DragonCon 2016! The trio recaps what they’ve been up to over the last few months as well as discuss their experiences at this year’s DragonCon.

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Episode 20: Helluva Time at HeroesCon

G@L is back and, in this episode, Taylor is joined by friend and returning guest, Cameron Petti, to discuss their experiences tabling at this year’s HEROESCON in Charlotte, North Carolina!

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Episode 19: A Very Civil Discussion on Marvel’s Civil War

The line have been drawn and the sides have been chosen! Taylor, Steven and Kaycee team up to discuss Marvel’s latest explosive blockbuster, Captain America: Civil War!

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Episode 18: Talking Comics with Cee Raymond!

Taylor sits down with friend and fellow artist Cee Raymond to chat about cartoons, comic books and Cee’s own awesome, original comic, Crime & Space!

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Episode 17: What the Hell Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?

The time has finally arrived. Superman and Batman’s first big screen team up is out and Taylor is here for a MASSIVE SPOILER FILLED discussion on the new film along with Neil, Steven and special guest Kenzie! But not everything is sunny in Metropolis as the gang dissects the film’s portrayal of Superman and the ramifications Batman v. Superman may have on the character.

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Episode 16: Geeks@C2E2

Taylor is joined by special guest Cameron as they chat about their adventures Chicago’s premiere comic convention, C2E2! They discuss what comic creators they met, what panels they attended and much much more!

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Episode 15: True Crime and Doin’ Time

Taylor and Neil gather their forensic kits and sit down to discuss the recent resurgence of true crime documentaries, including works like Netflix’s Making a Murderer, HBO’s The Jinx and Serial!

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Episode 14: It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Lindelof

Taylor and Kaycee sit down to discuss the career of one of the more prolific screenwriters of the big and small screen in recent times, Damon Lindelof!

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Episode 13: The Star Wars Holiday Special

Don’t worry, we’re not talking about THAT Holiday Special. Instead, it’s the Geeks@Large Holiday Special all about Star Wars: The Force Awakens! So get comfy as Taylor, Neil and Kaycee all give their SPOILER HEAVY thoughts on the latest movie from a galaxy far, far away.

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Episode 12: What You Can Learn From… The Silence of the Lambs

Just in time for Halloween, the gang introduces a new segment, “What You Can Learn From…”. In the inaugural episode, Kaycee leads a discussion on what storytelling techniques you can learn from the 1991 horror classic, The Silence of the Lambs, and why its one of the more unlikely Best Picture winners in recent memory.

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Episode 11: Best Movies of Summer 2015

This week, Taylor, Neil and Steven reunite to discuss their favorite films of the summer and explain what they’ve been up to over the last month and a half!

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Episode 10: Brought To You By Baskin-Robbins

This week, Neil returns to the show to talk about Marvel’s latest superhero flick, Ant-Man, as well as discuss the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the superhero film genre!

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Episode 9: The Pros and Cons of Comic Con

This week, Steven joins Taylor to talk about his experience at San Diego Comic Con 2015! They’ll review the Con’s major trailers and announcements, including Dawn of Justice and Deadpool, and discuss the new controversies over leaked footage! It’s an episode chock full of goodness so check it out!

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Episode 8: Talking Comics with Corin Howell

In the conclusion of Geeks@Large’s HEROESCON 2015 coverage, Taylor sits down with Corin Howell, fellow SCAD grad and artist of DC’s new series, Bat-Mite! They’ll talk about Corin’s entrance into the professional comic industry, college experiences and more!

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Episode 7: Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find

This week, Geeks@Large is reporting from HEROESCON 2015! Taylor is joined by returning Geeks@College alums, Meghan and Mychela, to give the run down on the awesome comic convention including which artists attended, what loot they bought and much more!

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Episode 6: Conquest of the Fan Questions!

This week, the fans lend a hand as Taylor and Kaycee answer some of their best inquiries! The duo discuss their favorite steps in the creative process, comic recommendations and maybe even have some sports talk. Give it a listen!

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Episode 5: The End of an Era

This week, Taylor and Neil sit down to talk Mad Men! They’ll discuss the recent series finale and more as they bid farewell to one of their all time favorite shows.

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Episode 4: Watch Your Language

This week, Taylor is joined by returning cohort Chris and welcomes Neil to his first episode of G@L! Neil fills us in what he’s been up to, including some work for Shout Factory!, then the trio discuss the recent blockbuster, Avengers 2, Joss Whedon’s twitter woes and much more!

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Episode 3: Kaycee Sells Shoes and Other Professional Pursuits

On this week’s episode, Taylor and Kaycee welcome the return of Jason Fisher, founder and original host of Geeks@College. Jason discusses his career path (including his new job at Rooster Teeth), the animation industry and more!

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Episode 2: Speak of the Devil

On this week’s episode, Taylor is joined by Chris to talk about his directorial projects and the significance of an online presence in both film and comics. Then the duo discusses what makes a good film or television adaptation, highlighting the recent premieres of Game of Thrones Season 5 and Marvel’s Daredevil!

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Episode 1: Talking Comics with Tom Rogers

The Geeks@College have traded in their diplomas for job applications and have become Geeks@Large!

Now to commemorate this new podcast of professional pursuits, special guest Tom Rogers, artist on the Action Lab comic, Herald: Lovecraft and Tesla, joins Taylor to talk about the comic business, breaking into the industry and what books they’re reading!

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Episode 116: State of the Union

The time has come for Kaycee’s ascension to the ranks of college graduate and, to celebrate, he calls upon Taylor to help in discussion some recent TV (well, Internet TV) premieres, including the return of Community and the Netflix hit, House of Cards!

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Episode 115: Brad Pitt Ate My Sandwich

Alumni Assemble! Yes, while Kaycee hits the books for finals, Taylor takes the reins and brings back fellow G@C grads, Neil and Steven! Together, they’ll review some recent movies including the British spy flick, Kingsman: The Secret Service and they’ll talk about the recent wins and losses at the Oscars.

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Episode 114: Drinking, Directing and Dinosaurs

This week, Kaycee and Chris are cracking open a few cold brews and chat about a variety of topics including their most anticipated films of 2015 and some of their recent film projects!

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Episode 113: A Podcast 12 Years in the Making!

Thats right! Just like Boyhood, The Geeks are capitalizing on a gimmick, in the hope of Oscar glory, and giving you a podcast that started production all the way back in 2003!

Nah, not really. But hey, there’s still lots of Oscar talk and predictions between Kaycee, Taylor and returning alum Steven!

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Episode 112: Best of 2014 – Movies

As 2015 begins, The Geeks assemble to say au revoir to the year that was 2014! But this send-off is just too big for just one episode of G@C. Oh no, we’re giving you TWO retrospectives and now for the finale: The Best Movies of 2014! Kaycee leads the discussion as he, Chris and Taylor list of their top flicks of the year!

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Episode 111: Best of 2014 – Comics and Television

As 2015 begins, The Geeks assemble to say au revoir to the year that was 2014! But this send-off is just too big for just one episode of G@C. Oh no, we’re giving you TWO retrospectives and here’s the first: Comics and Television!

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Episode 110: A Kim Jong-un Kind of Christmas!

With Christmas fast approaching, Kaycee’s in the festive spirit so he invites Taylor and Neil to shoot the breeze about a myriad of topics including Christmas movies, James Bond and Star Wars Episode VII! Empty Space GaC_OoU_smEpisode 109: A Matter of Space and Time

With the annual Doctor Who Christmas Special upon us, Kaycee and Taylor chat it up about the recent season 8 of the long running show! They’ll discuss what worked and what didn’t as they discover that, sometimes, change can be a very good thing. > Empty SpaceGaC_OoU_sm

Episode 108: Back On The Boardwalk

This week, we head back to Atlantic City as we welcome back HBO’s Boardwalk Empire for its final season as Taylor and Kaycee review the premiere, “Golden Days Of Boys And Girls”! But that is not all as the duo also tackle the latest Doctor Who episode, “Robot of Sherwood” as well as some recent news including the passing of actor Richard Kiel.

Empty Space GaC_OoU_smEpisode 107: Dawn of the Planet of the Fan Questions!

The fans are running the show this week as Taylor and Kaycee answers the questions of our fair listeners! Wars are waged, friendships will be tested, and somehow Jaws: The Revenge will still be talked about! But first, don’t forget to hear the duo’s thoughts on Doctor Who’s latest adventure, Into The Dalek.

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Episode 105: The Time Lords, They Are A-Changin’

It’s all about TV on this week’s G@C, as The Geeks welcome Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor on Doctor Who and bid farewell to the latest season of The Legend of Korra!

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Episode 104: Summer Movie Catch Up

We have a massive episode for you folks this with over 2 hours of movie reviews from the past few months, including Snowpiercer22 Jump Street and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes!

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Episode 103: Catching Up With Korra

Taylor, Chris and Kaycee are back and they’re discussing the latest season (so far) of Nick’s animated show,The Legend of Korra, Nickelodeon’s treatment of the show, as well as a discussion on recent cable animation. Enjoy!

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Episode 102: Awesome Mix Vol. 3

In their One of Us debut, the Geeks@College (Taylor, Chris and Kaycee) cruise through the cosmos with Marvel’s latest blockbuster, Guardians of the Galaxy!

Are the Guardians the next great movie heroes (just like Kevin Bacon) or does it leave us cold like the depths of space?

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