Geeks@College Episode 111: Best of 2014 – Comics and Television


As 2015 begins, The Geeks assemble to say au revoir to the year that was 2014! But this send-off is just too big for just one episode of G@C. Oh no, we’re giving you TWO retrospectives and here’s the first: Comics and Television!

First off, Chris and Taylor go between the panels and list their top comics of the year including SagaDaredevil and more!

Then Kaycee leads a discussion on the best TV of the year featuring such fan favorites as Game of Thrones and The Legend of Korra!

Like our lists? Did we leave anything out? Tell us below in the comments!


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4 thoughts on “Geeks@College Episode 111: Best of 2014 – Comics and Television”

  1. You guys need to catch up on The Venture Bros for your next podcast and then watch the season 6 special that aired. You can watch the special on the adult swim website. ITS AMAZING! One of the best episodes of TV so far this year and probably will rank in my top 5 by the end of the year.

    1. I did catch the recent Venture Bros. special and it was really great! I’ll try my best to bring it up on the next episode I’m on. Thanks for listening, man!

  2. Comics

    Image took up a good portion of my comics of the year as well and I still have plenty to read in the Big Two.

    Chew is maybe my personal favorite Image book but man I’m glad to hear you talk about Deadly Class, Chris. That book is so underrated. Sex Criminals was also my favorite book of 2014. Saga, yeah Saga of course is amazing. Brian K. Vaughn is one of the best writers out there period and the art by Fiona Staples is great. Saga I’d recommend to people as Game of Thrones, but its sci-fi instead of fantasy.

    Daredevil is still the best superhero book, Elektra and All-New Ghost Rider are excellent books too, brining something new for long known characters, more so Elektra since Ghost Rider has a new rider, but it still so good. Glad to hear Silver Surfer on here.

    I like Dan Slott, he’s a fine writer, I still fucking hate One More Day and do find the Ultimate Spider-Man stuff interesting, but I did miss reading it. Superior only gets good in its second half and Amazing Right now is pretty solid. Slott’s She-Hulk is great as well, but he just likes to keep poking the beehive that is Twitter and that is what annoys me about him, he is his own hype man at times to levels where he just automatically can set himself up for disappointment in an issue sometimes, more so with Spider-Man, his Surfer is consistently great right now.

    Also, need to start Blacksad and well hey gotta mention some DC: almost all Batman books, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern New Guardians, Catwoman when Genevieve Valentine took over, Aquaman, and Gotham Academy are the best.

    Furious is a Dark Horse mini I highly recommend.

  3. TV

    I will say Doctor Who had a damn good debut season for the 12th Doctor and that yeah Korra was amazing. The final two seasons were great, but I will say season 2 is good, I just thought the first half of it kinda slacked but picked right up in its second.

    I will say, Hannibal was my personal favorite, also loves Transparent and The Americans, all excellent programming.

    Animation in 2014 is on a rise, I have so many shows I remember in this now like when I first discovered them in the early 90s with the DCAU. I personally don’t care for Uncle Grandpa, but I do see its appeal for those that like it.

    True Detective was great, just something I wasn’t expecting. Also Fargo was excellent. I find it interesting we got this rise of miniseries and limited event type shows. Condensed storytelling is something I’ve gravitated to far more in recent times even though I still love long form narratives such as long running shows and monthly comics. Its really inspiring too as someone who loves storytelling and doing it myself. This was a damn great episode full of wonderful discussion.

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