The Gathering: The 23rd Party

Hey geeky party people, The Gathering is back with an assortment of colorful characters as we have another round-table episode with everyone picking something they’re really into lately for us to discuss. Topics include the Netflix shows Sex Education,┬áRussian Doll and MUCH more. Subscribers at the Brown Coat level and Read more…

The Gathering – The Nineteenth Party

Holiday madness is in full swing.’s party-podcast takes on Christmas music, tells REAL (?) ghost stories around the internet yule log, and in general, madness ensues. If you’re a Brown Coat or above subscriber, you can check out all THREE segments right here.

The Gathering – The Seventeenth Party

This week our podcast for subscribers (Brown Coat level and above) celebrates their 17th gathering with THREE segments. We get into deep (spoiler) discussions about Castlevania, The Haunting of Hill House, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and so much more. Click here to check them out!  

The Gathering – The Sixteenth Party

After a brief forced hiatus, The Gathering returns in full force and this week we talk about horror…but not movies. The theme was specifically, favorite horror other than movies, which leaves a lot of room open for interpretation and we got some really great answers. Check it out here.

The Gathering: The Fourteenth Party

SUBSCRIBER ALERT!! Our party podcast reconvenes for the 14th time and has a grand old time talking Disenchantment, Castle Rock, Stan Against Evil and TONS more on this double-podcast just for Brown Coat subscribers and above. Those wonderful folks can check it out right here.