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All I Want For Geekmas


Hosted By: Brian Salisbury & Christopher Lawrence Cox

OneOfUs.Net’s signature holiday gift guide series brought to you by the Digital Noise podcast. We break down the best home releases of 2013, dividing our coverage into genres and offering plenty of options for every geek on your shopping list. Special guests, lots of humor, and ample opportunities to purchase items via our Amazon links (please consider doing so as it supports our site), we’re certain you’ll find everything you want for Geekmas.

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All_I_Want_For_Geekmas_200TV, Animation, & Animated TV

Well, we’ve done it. We’ve come to the end of our All I Want for Geekmas holiday gift guides.

With only a couple of days left before Christmas, the guys offer you this last installment that should provide plenty of ideas for last minute gift ideas. Chris and Brian cover their favorite 2013 Blu-ray & DVD releases in the television and animation category…as well as animated television. Chris also absconds with the mic to laud his favorite BBC home releases of the year. You can almost bet a certain Doctor will be featured.

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All_I_Want_For_Geekmas_200The Genre Standouts

Behold the penultimate installment of OneOfUs.Net’s all-encompassing holiday gift guide: All I Want for Geekmas.

Brian and Chris rifle back through their last year’s worth of reviews to find the standout Blu-ray and DVD releases in some of the major genre categories. In this show, an especially extensive entry, they nominate their picks for best comedies, horror, martial arts/Asian, drama, sci-fi, and just plain weird home releases of 2013.

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All_I_Want_For_Geekmas_200The INTERN-Net Sits on Santa’s Lap

I have to say, One of Us has been pretty helpful to all you late shoppers. The Digital Noise Boys have put out two comprehensive guides full of suggestions of gifts you can give to the geek in your life. However, if you’re trying to avoid giving your loved ones boxed sets and Blu-Rays, it can be helpful to hear about what other types of nerd presents are prized among this community.

Thankfully for you, a few members of the INTERN-Net crew have volunteered to serve as your reference points. When we asked our team what they’d like to find under the tree this year, they has some interesting ideas (joke’s on them, because we’re just going to give them ornately wrapped boxes with nothing inside). We had to ask them to separate their wishes into real and fantastical gifts, so some of these gifts may be a bit out there. What does the INTERN-Net want this holiday season? I’ll start!

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All_I_Want_For_Geekmas_200DocBusters (Coming Today!)

For this latest holiday media feast, we bring you the epic main course of the year’s best Blu-ray releases of blockbuster movies. However, first we will tempt and tease your palate with an appetizer of our favorite blockbusters to hit home release in 2013.

Joining us at the table is young William Goss from Film.Com and Empire Magazine. A fantastic writer and wickedly funny guy whom you should all be reading, by the way. Really in-depth discussion, lots of geekgasming, and a decadent garnish of terrible puns that you will find hard to swallow.

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All_I_Want_For_Geekmas_200Criterion Scream Box

The guys of Digital Noise are doing not one, but a whole series of holiday gift guides breaking down the best releases of the year in various categories. To kick things off, we recommend our favorite boxed sets, Criterion Collection entries, and Scream Factory titles.

Enjoy the first day of Geekmas and be ready for subsequent installments. We can’t promise we will be completely sober, but to be fair, we can also not promise that we won’t randomly break into song.

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