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Screener Squad: Ultraman Rising

Ultraman Rising Movie Review


Every parent wants their child to shine on the stage of life and honour the sacrifices made to raise them into a brilliant independent hero amongst so much mediocrity. What happens though if the child in question is pushed in two different directions by their parents? Ken Sato (Christopher Sea) is a young prodigy on the diamond-shaped field. His mother nurtures and cultivates his amazing baseball prowess. On the other hand, his father insists he inherit the family legacy of being UltraMan. Ultraman Rising, a family animated film brought to you by Netflix and directed by Shannon Tindle (Kubo and the Two Strings) and John Aoshima (Ducktales, Gravity Falls), is a visually spectacular tale of fathers, sons, and the ambition for greatness for the sake of others conflicting against the greatness to serve your own ego. Ken as an adult does in fact decide to walk the path that his parents have laid out for him, both parents. An all-star baseball playing sensation 182 games of the year, and the kaiju-battling city-saving Ultraman by night. Conveniently, kaiju seem to prefer attacking at night. During a battle, and in direct violation with the kaiju defence force, Ken saves a kaiju egg. With his AI pal Mina (Tamlyn Tomita), he decides to raise the baby monster and discovers that maybe parenting isn’t as easy as his own mother and father made it out to be. Bradly, Dogget, and Jason call upon their ultra mega zords Opinion, Reference, and Easter eggs and together form the ultra mega super ultra risen Subarashī tomodachi! Also known as, A Review!


DIRECTED BY: Shannon Tindle

STARRING: Christopher Sean, Yuki Yamada, Gedde Watanabe, Fumiyo Kohinata, Tamlyn Tomita, Ayumi Tsunematsu, Keone Young, Fumihiko Tachiki, Julia Harriman, Akari Hayami, Karen Muruyama, Hiroko Sakurai, Lee Shorten, Takaya Aoyagi, Artt Butler, Nan Dadian, Francois Chau, Robert Yasumura, Mila O’Malley, Brittany Ishibashi, Vernonic Lapke, Jonathan Groff




Bradly Martin (Screener Squad, Eye on the Prize, Breakfast Pub)

Bradly Martin was born in the united states and grew up on a healthy diet of sports, films, and books. A rather shy lad who kept to himself, Bradly soon discovered the best way to know a person was to know what people liked. Throughout the years Bradly became a fan of many things and a fanatic of none. From Doctor Dre, to Doctor Strange and the who’s who of Whos. From Playstation to the Dreamcast and Marvel to DC. From LeBron James to James Bond and Lord of the Rings to Lord Palmerston (or Pitt the Elder if you agree with Wade Boggs) and is a huge fan of dad jokes and randomly obscure Simpsons references. Armed with a vast knowledge of comics, films, and pop culture. Bradly traveled the world making friends and sharing takes. As a young man Bradly married the love of his life young and grew older every year with each new child brought into the brood. If trends continue, Scientists predict that .2% of Canada (where Bradly and family reside) will be populated by Bradly’s children by the year 2029. You can hear him leading and listening to his favorite critics on the Screener Squad and Eye on the prize and maybe even provide some comments of his own.



Danny Dogget (Screener Squad)

Hey persons, it’s your favorite canine Dogget! As many of you know, I don’t identify as a critic as much as a classy shock jock. That being said, I do my best to give all of you a well-balanced review filled with my true opinions and hopefully a few laughs. You can occasionally find me on other persons podcast like Mission Impodible (that’ll be 10 dollars Nathan). For the most part, you can find me doing reviews on




Jason Fisher (Screener Squad)

Born in New Orleans, brought up in Austin, and raised by cinema, Jason is an animator and filmmaker with decades of experience working in the arts. Before even graduating high school, Jason was animating and podcasting with the Austin-based movie review site From this formative experience, he gained an eclectic taste and knowledge that he carried into a rich career working in the animation industry. Notable projects include Marvel’s Hit Monkey, FXX’s Legion, Netflix’s America: The Motion Picture, and working for companies including Nickelodeon, Rooster Teeth, PBS Kids, and many more. As a cineast, it’s his belief that his favorite movie is one that he hasn’t seen yet. His thirst for great art is unquenchable, whether that means consuming it or contributing to it himself.



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