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Screener Squad: One Piece

One Piece Series Review


King of the pirates Gold Roger (Michael Dorman) had fame and fortune beyond imagination. Before his execution he declared to all dreamers that his fortune was all there for the taking. You just have to find it first. A golden age of pirates has begun and sailors of all walks of life have set sail towards the grand line to claim Gold Roger’s fortune and become king of the pirates. Eiichiro Oda’s legendary ongoing manga OnePiece has been adapted into a Netflix live action series by Steven Maeda and Matt Owens. Monkey D. Luffy (Iñaki Godoy) , a carefree vagabond in a dingy, has made a promise to one day become king of the pirates. All he needs is a hardy crew and a map of the grand line. Roronoa Zoro (Mackenyu) has three swords and the ambition to be the greatest swordsman of all time. Nami (Emily Rudd) has a past, some secrets, and a love of cartography. Usopp (Jacob Romero Gibson) has tall tales of epic adventures but has never been on one of his own, but with his trusty slingshot his aim is as sharp as his tongue is silver. Lastly Sanji (Taz Skylar) is a chef with a nose for food and an eye for beautiful ladies. He wants to find an ancient legendary fish and cook the perfect meal. These strangers become friends, and then pirates, and face up against the swashbuckling wanted criminals of the sea. Amongst them are a circus themed pirate named Buggy (Jeff Ward), a fish man leading a revolution against land lubbers named Arlong (McKinney Belcher III) and they’ll also be chased by the law, specifically an old Navy Marine named Garp who knows Luffy more than most. Bradly, Dogget, and Matt break open the mead, eat some lemons, and discuss the success of anime adaptations, sing the praises of what the show accomplishes where other anime live action has failed, and together wonder what the OnePiece treasure could be.


CREATED BY: Matt Owens, Steven Maeda and Eiichiro Oda

STARRING: Iñaki Godoy, Colton Osorio, Emily Rudd, Lily Fisher, Mackenyu, Maximilian Lee Piazza, Jacob Romero Gibson, Kevin Saula, Taz Skylar, Christian Convery, Vincent Regan, Jeff Ward, Morgan Davies, Aidan Scott, Peter Gadiot, Ilia Isorelýs Paulino, Langley Kirkwood, Tamer Burjaq, Kathleen Stephens, Armand Aucamp, Sven Ruygrok, Stevel Marc, Ntlanhla Morgan Kutu, Laudo Liebenberg, McKinley Belcher III, Celeste Loots, Alexander Maniatis, Bianca Oosthuizen, Albert Pretorius, Jandre le Roux, Brett Williams, Craig Fairbrass, Steven Ward, Len-Barry Simons, Chioma Umeala, Grant Ross, Rory Acton-Burnell, Michael Dorman, Ben Kgosimore, Nichole Fortuin, Chanté Grainger, Audrey Cymone, Nathan Castle, Milton Schorr, Genna Galloway, Ian McShane




Bradly Martin (Screener Squad, Eye on the Prize, Breakfast Pub)

Bradly Martin was born in the united states and grew up on a healthy diet of sports, films, and books. A rather shy lad who kept to himself, Bradly soon discovered the best way to know a person was to know what people liked. Throughout the years Bradly became a fan of many things and a fanatic of none. From Doctor Dre, to Doctor Strange and the who’s who of Whos. From Playstation to the Dreamcast and Marvel to DC. From LeBron James to James Bond and Lord of the Rings to Lord Palmerston (or Pitt the Elder if you agree with Wade Boggs) and is a huge fan of dad jokes and randomly obscure Simpsons references. Armed with a vast knowledge of comics, films, and pop culture. Bradly traveled the world making friends and sharing takes. As a young man Bradly married the love of his life young and grew older every year with each new child brought into the brood. If trends continue, Scientists predict that .2% of Canada (where Bradly and family reside) will be populated by Bradly’s children by the year 2029. You can hear him leading and listening to his favorite critics on the Screener Squad and Eye on the prize and maybe even provide some comments of his own.



Danny Dogget (Screener Squad)

Hey persons, it’s your favorite canine Dogget! As many of you know, I don’t identify as a critic as much as a classy shock jock. That being said, I do my best to give all of you a well-balanced review filled with my true opinions and hopefully a few laughs. You can occasionally find me on other persons podcast like Mission Impodible (that’ll be 10 dollars Nathan). For the most part, you can find me doing reviews on



Matt Foster (Screener Squad)

Matt Foster is a stand up comic, podcaster, and movie critic currently living in the greater Salt Lake City area. His lifelong love of genre film began early, when he realized they freaked out his mom. He performs (epidemics permitting) regularly on Dungeons and Comedy, a DND live play with standup comedians, and is the slightly less mustache-y half of the Nighthawks Podcast, a cinema-centric discussion cohosted by Trevor T. Trujillo.



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