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Five and Out 171: We Are Back


After several years, we are BACK! This time Wes and Steve discuss being a suburban dad, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and our Top 5 Children’s Entertainment That Adults Enjoy! Check it out! Also check out Wes’s webseries, the D&D PSAs.

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2 thoughts on “Five and Out 171: We Are Back”

  1. My top five:
    5 – “Elena of Avalor” (Disney Junior show about their first latina Princessa. I was suprise how much this show suck me in. It’s for younger kids, but all the arcs and story-lines and characters evolution are super strong and I got teary end in the final musical number of the last episode. I especialy love the episode “A day to remember” which teaches kids about death and importance of visiting love ones grave)
    4 – “A Little Snow Fairy Sugar” (This is one of my favorite Anime shows and ultimate Kawaii show. Its about a girl pianist named Saga whos parents died and she lives with her grandmother. She starts to see a tiny fairy named Sugar who needs to find a “twinkle” she needs to finaly grow up. What great about this show is that it balance all the cute stuff with very sad themes, but its type of beautfiul sadness that makes you cry. Its also slice of life stories and its all suprsingly matrue at points in its suble themes. Its whimsical in the same way as Miyazaki movie “Kiki delviery service”. I literaly trying not to cry every time this theme comes along )
    3 – The Fox and the Hound – A very underappriciated Disney movie that has realy strong themes and commentary about social injustice while being a very strongly emotional story. Some people cry on “Lion King” I cry on this – there is something about two friends who are force to hate each other by society thats realy speak to me and its just beautiful to look at.
    2 – Cats dont dance – Its a movie that I love more and more with each time I watch it. Its so optimistic and puts me always in a good mood. It has very clever commentary with idea that in Hollywood animals only can play animals and never gets parts for humans and is about a cat who mangaes to challange the system and his optimism changes everyone cinicism. It also has one of the funnest villians, best chemistry with a love intrests and songs are just amazing. Its a movie that I always watch when Im sad and Im happy again by the end.
    1 – Mulan – Just overall my favorite Disney movies, that never gets old. So much about it find relatable and speaks to me on personal level and it has my favorite comedy and characters of any Disney movie. Its also feminist message done right, with never feeling preachy – so many little boys watch it without even noticing it, but its sticks with them on subcontious level and I think its great. I found it very empowering as a little boy and I can only imagine what its doing for little girls. But as an adult I appriciate it on many other levels.


  2. Welcome back! To be fair Terry Crews did voice the cop in Cloudy 2.

    5. Justice League. Really the entire Bruce Timm DC animated universe starting with Batman TAS. To this day the best representation of these iconic characters on the screen. (I’m staring at you Zack Synder)

    4. Lego Batman. Continuing from the Lego movie, Will Arnett really shines.

    3. Gargoyles. I think the best Disney animated TV show. Recently watched it with my son it was a great time. Fantastic Shakespeare inspired story telling.

    2. Into the Spiderverse/Across the Spiderverse. Pending the last movie I think this could go down as the best trilogy and is my favorite animated movie series.

    1. Avatar The Last Airbender. Really incredible. Want to talk about emotional. We don’t talk about that movie.

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