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Screener Squad: Pistol

Pistol Series Review


Never mind the bollocks…here’s a Hulu series about the Sex Pistols! With their frenetic playing style, blatant anarchism, and the wild-eyed, foul-mouthed frontman that was Johnny Rotten, the Sex Pistols stand as one of the all-time defining groups of punk rock. And who better to bring their calamitous story to the screen than legendary filmmakers Danny Boyle and Craig Pearce? Seriously, I’ll wait…Pistol recounts the odyssey of the notorious band from their starry-eyed beginning to their tragic fall. We viewers are treated to the stories of Steve Jones (Toby Wallace), John Lydon (Anson Boon), Glen Matlock (Christian Lees), Paul Cook (Jacob Slater), and (eventually) Sid Vicious (Louis Partridge) as they experience the good, the bad and the ugly of instant fame. Along the way, we witness the beginnings of punk pioneers Pamela Rooke, Vivienne Westwood, and Chrissie Hynde. The series boasts a stellar cast, a bonkers soundtrack and serves as a solemn love letter to a band whose influence long outlasted its run. That said…does a great story a great series make? Does this series capture the true spirit of punk? These are the important questions that Melina and her fellow anarchists Brad, Marco and Frank came together to decide.


CREATED BY: Craig Pearce

DIRECTED BY: Danny Boyle

STARRING: Toby Wallace, Anson Boon, Jacob Slater, Christian Lees, Sydney Chandler, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Talulah Riley, Dylan Llewellyn, Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, Maisie Williams, Francesca Mills, Beth Dillon, Iris Law, Bianca Stephens, Alexander Arnold, Emma Appleton, Zachary Goldman, Daniel Barker, Matthew Cottie, Kai Alexander, Ben Sardenson, Trevor Ford, Ethan Steed, Oli Vance, Bill Odams, Andrew-May Gohrey, Daniel-May Gohrey




Bradly Martin (Screener Squad, Eye on the Prize, Breakfast Pub)

Bradly Martin was born in the united states and grew up on a healthy diet of sports, films, and books. A rather shy lad who kept to himself, Bradly soon discovered the best way to know a person was to know what people liked. Throughout the years Bradly became a fan of many things and a fanatic of none. From Doctor Dre, to Doctor Strange and the who’s who of Whos. From Playstation to the Dreamcast and Marvel to DC. From LeBron James to James Bond and Lord of the Rings to Lord Palmerston (or Pitt the Elder if you agree with Wade Boggs) and is a huge fan of dad jokes and randomly obscure Simpsons references. Armed with a vast knowledge of comics, films, and pop culture. Bradly traveled the world making friends and sharing takes. As a young man Bradly married the love of his life young and grew older every year with each new child brought into the brood. If trends continue, Scientists predict that .2% of Canada (where Bradly and family reside) will be populated by Bradly’s children by the year 2029. You can hear him leading and listening to his favorite critics on the Screener Squad and Eye on the prize and maybe even provide some comments of his own.



Melina Eames (Screener Squad)

Melina first discovered that she carried the nerd gene at the tender age of four following her exposure to a little film called A New Hope. In the twenty-some years that followed, Melina continued to grow into her geek identity through the discovery of Batman, Mst3k, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings and The Mandalorian. But perhaps her most significant discovery came at the age of fourteen when a night of YouTube mining led her to the review site of Melina became a devoted follower whose fandom did not end with the site’s demise. By then, it had worked its dark magic and left her with a love and appreciation for film criticism that she has yet to shrug.



Marco Noyola (Digital Noise, Highly Suspect Reviews, Screener Squad, Audio Editor)

By day, Marco is a mild-mannered office worker, but by night he is a mild-mannered movie watcher. He does other mild-mannered stuff too.

“You don’t need to follow me. You don’t need to follow anybody!”





Frank Calvillo (Highly Suspect Reviews, Screener Squad)

Born and raised in South Texas, Frank currently lives in Austin and has been in love with movies ever since his father showed him some Three Stooges shorts when he was five years old. Today he loves all kinds of film, regardless of era, country, budget or genre. He believes every film has an audience and is at least one person’s favorite movie. After writing for Sight & Sound and Slackerwood, he now writes for Cinapse where his increasingly random taste in all flavors of cinema (from Rashomon to Mars Attacks!) continues to thrive. His ultimate goal is to write a script for his boyhood crush, Michelle Pfeiffer.



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