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Screener Squad: Strawberry Mansion

Strawberry Mansion Movie Review


No one I think is in my tree. I mean, it must be high or low. That is, you can’t, you know, tune in, but it’s all right. That is, I think it’s not too bad. Let us take you down, ’cause Rose, Robert, Drew, and T.C. are going to Strawberry Mansion. Nothing is real. And nothing to get hung about. Strawberry Mansion forever. So, lick an acid tab ice cream cone, close your eyes, and enter an arthouse-surrealist-science-fiction-adventure-romantic-comedy (not unlike 1970’s Italian cinema) where dreams are taxed and invaded by advertisers. Government agent James Preble travels to the home of Arabella Isadora, an eccentric aging artist, to audit her dreams. As he explores her subconscious, stored on a vast library of VHS tapes, he finds himself falling in love. And thus, we are sent on a journey through dreams that bleed into reality, leaving us questioning what is real, and what is fantasy. From entirely pink, cardboard rooms, to the high seas on an actual pirate ship, from Dixie cups painted and glued together to create a computer, to creature masks so realistic, the squad was left questioning if they taught rats how to speak. This movie is for Michel Gondry fans, but is it for anyone else? Always, no sometimes, think it’s me. But you know, I know when it’s a dream. I think I know, I mean a… yes. But it’s all wrong. That is, I think I disagree. Nothing is real. Nothing to get hung about. Strawberry Mansion forever.


DIRECTED BY: Albert Birney and Kentucker Audley

STARRING: Reed Birney, Constance Shulman, Kentucker Audley, Penny Fuller, Linas Phillips, Grace Glowicki




T.C. De Witt (Screener Squad)

T.C. De Witt is a multi-awarded writer/director originally from Wisconsin and now based in Los Angeles. His life has been devoted to the arts since he was a child. He’s been a stage performer, playwright, stand-up comic, film and television actor, radio DJ, podcaster published author, recorded musician, and comic writer/illustrator. He is now a professional screenwriter and has been thriving for the past decade, regularly offering his talents to production studios in LA, Chicago, Milwaukee, and internationally in Sydney and Poland. He’s provided content for Amazon Prime, Netflix, and several YouTube partners. His films have screened internationally, and his stageplays have been performed across the country. In the last ten years, he has directed 57 films, 23 episodes of his series The One Minute Rewatch, 300+ episodes of podcasts, and his multi-award-winning short film Screen: Righter screened at the Festival de Cannes in 2016. He has released two feature films, The Princess Knight and A Christmas Sunset. He thrives on collaboration and the thrill of sharing stories in all forms.



Robert Garza (Screener Squad)

If it weren’t for sad music and scary stories I wouldn’t be as well-adjusted and cheerful as I am today. Moonlighting as a musician off and on since adolescence, I am as big a fan of scores and needle drops as I am of slow zooms, production design, and third act exposition. Just about all of my screen time is spent on international horror, drama, and hour long episodic. Big fan of genre, and the biggest fan of supernatural horror and dark sci-fi with meaningful representation and narratives that use trauma, grief, and grace as more than surface-level content. Also, I read a ton of modern horror novels/comics and stan Matt Berry. In the before times I worked music and film festivals across the US and will hopefully return to that sometime in the future.



” width=Drew Tinnin (Screener Squad, Highly Suspect Reviews, Deliberations of Doom)

Drew Tinnin is a Rondo Award nominated interviewer and critic who has worked at SiriusXM’s Fangoria Radio and Fangoria magazine in NYC, as well as the London-based Dazed Digital. Currently a regular contributor to the Dread Central Network, he’s excited to join up with some old friends and other film fans on One of Us as a new contributor to Screener Squad.



Rose Mattox (Screener Squad, Eye On The Prize)

Originally hailing from Austin then Houston, Rose has been an avid movie and TV fanatic pretty much since birth. She spends spending her days watching Star Trek reruns, 60’s spy fiction, and Audrey Hepburn movies with her beloved minion (see: dog Riley). She also occasionally dabbles in comedy, screenwriting, as well as graphic and interior design. Rose has been contributing to One of Us since 2019 as a member of the Screener Squad, as well as making regular appearances on Eye on the Prize during awards season. She can be found on Twitter at @nightattheopera.



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