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Screener Squad: Super Crooks

Super Crooks Series Review


It seems crime doesn’t pay, even when you have superpowers. Johnny Bolt has made a habit of getting in and out of prison ever since an unfortunate “mishap” caused by his electricity powers meant that he could never be a hero. With his girlfriend, Kasey, Johnny lives stuck as a petty crook, dreaming of the day when he finally gets that one big score that will rise him to the top. So when the OG supervillain, The Heat, approaches him with the prospect of that very thing, Johnny jumps at the chance, and becomes part of a ragtag team of superpowered thieves working to out steal and outwit, not only the resident heroes, but the super criminal underworld itself. Looks like we’ve got a heist, y’all. Based on the comics by Mark Millar and Leinil Francis Yu and set in the world of Millar’s “Jupiter’s Legacy,” our own gang of misfits, Mindy, Jena, Dogget, and Adrian, dance and safe crack their way through this delightful Netflix anime. So, shimmy on over to their review here.


CREATED BY: Mark Millar, Leinil Francis Yu, Dai Satō and Motonobu Hori

STARRING: English: Jonah Scott, Abby Trott, Jason Marnocha, Doug Stone, Beau Billingslea, Bill Butts, Matthew David Rudd, Bill Rogers, Ben Pronsky, Bruno Oliver, D.C. Douglas, Zeno Robinson. Japanese: Kenjiro Tsuda, Maaya Sakamoto, Hiroshi Yanaka, Yasuji Kimura, Pierre Taki, Junichi Suwabe, Hisao Egawa, Eiji Takemoto, Subaru Kimura, Tetsu Inada, Wataru Hatano, KENN




” width=Mindy Rast-Keenan (Screener Squad, Highly Suspect Reviews)

Having grown up in Nairobi, Kenya, and being very disappointed at the lack of riding elephants her cartoons had promised her, Mindy spends the majority of her time as a film, theater, and voice over actress in the Austin, Texas area. They still give her money for being on HBO that one time, with her name in the credits spelled wrong. A nerdy geek, this award-winning actress joined One of Us figuring she’d put her summa cum laude BFA acting degree to good use…by judging other people’s acting. In the few seconds she gets to herself, Mindy bakes for charity, knits eccentric plushies, plays original RPG’s with her gamemaster husband, and spends time with her soulmate, Batman.



” width=Jena Perry (Screener Squad)

Jena Perry. Aka Luna. Aka Dion. Aka Memori. Aka Dog whisperer. Aka whiskey connoisseur. As you can see, depending on when you met this Oakland, California native, you have experienced a completely different person, each time. After finally deciding on a 13+year career choice as a Videographer and Radio Personality, Jena balances her time between pursuing her Doctorate in Philosophy, providing insightful and funny critiques on films and Television, raising her daughter and dog in Ohio, and constantly fighting off the existential dread that is being a dope black woman in America in the 20th century.



Danny Dogget (Screener Squad)

Hey persons, it’s your favorite canine Dogget! As many of you know, I don’t identify as a critic as much as a classy shock jock. That being said, I do my best to give all of you a well-balanced review filled with my true opinions and hopefully a few laughs. You can occasionally find me on other persons podcast like Mission Impodible (that’ll be 10 dollars Nathan). For the most part, you can find me doing reviews on



Adrian El Critico (Screener Squad)

Though born and raised in Chicago, this film critic is Mexican to the bone. Adrian has been watching movies since he was a child, many of which might not have been age appropriate. Still, he couldn’t get enough. All throughout his life, friends and family would look to him for his recommendations and reviews on whatever films had come their way. Inspired earlier in life by the likes of Ebert and Roper at The Movies and then later, Adrian decided film criticism and analysis provided a great outlet to further his love of film. He began to craft his reviews and thoughts on film in ways he thought would be accessible to devout film hounds as well as the casual viewer. Mixing in jokes, entertaining observations and robust critical analysis, Adrian El Critico may be new to OneOfUs, but he is already making a name for himself on our site. If Horror movies are your thing, get ready to hear his voice.



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