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Screener Squad: Death Valley

Death Valley Movie Review


A squad of mercenaries sent in to extract a scientist from a secured bunker/lab, while fighting off opposing forces, a horrific creature, and infected humans, unravels a twisty conspiracy involving weaponized science, and maybe something supernatural. On which system did you play this video game? Trick question… it’s not a game. Wright leads his intrepid squad mates, Tessa and Lewayne deep into “Death Valley,” the newest Shudder release, a sci-fi/action film that appears to have grown from a contaminated sample of “Resident Evil”. Armed with sarcasm, wit, and references to a bunch of other movies that seem to have influenced this flick, the Screener Squad fights off questionable acting choices, pushes back against the script, and forces their way to the end credits. Will their mission succeed? Will the facility self-destruct? Will they find a rocket launcher to use against the Final Boss? Check out their play-through, er, review, of “Death Valley” to see…


DIRECTED BY: Matthew Ninaber

STARRING: Jeremy Nibaber, Ethan Mitchell, Kristen Kaster, Melissa Joy Boerger, Matt Daciw, Shemora Davy, Jeremy Dueck, Jacob Fortin, Jonah Fortin, Tyler Garton, Connor Mitchell, Justin Moses, Julie Murphy, Jacqueline Ninaber, Matthew Ninaber, Mike Ninaber, Dan Siswanto, Jeff Waters




” width=Wright Sulek (Screener Squad, Digital Noise, Highly Suspect Reviews, Audio Editor)

Wright hails from the northern suburbs of Dallas, Texas. His passion for filmmaking brought him to Austin to study and make movies. Since then he’s had his hand in acting, writing, and directing his own short films with numerous like-minded film geeks he’s met along his journey. His newest interest has brought him into the podcasting world. He’s co-hosted a few different movie related podcasts such as ‘And Now This’ and ‘The Match Cut’. His current hosting gig is with longtime friend, Eric Samaniego, where they talk shop about the grimiest, trashiest, lost gems of movies on their show, ‘Trash in the Can’. Wright is also hosting reviews with Screener Squad and editing reviews as well.



Tessa Morrison (Highly Suspect Reviews, Screener Squad, Unstabletop Gamers)

Well-rounded nerd and artist, Tessa Morrison grew up in the misty mountains of West Virginia and was constantly ridiculed for being a “weirdo.” Then moved to Austin in 2009 where people said the same thing, but in an endearing tone. Tessa works an office day job, creates puppets and fiber art, cosplays, models for gaming and animation studios, and volunteers for various organizations. One of which is the Other Worlds Film Festival, Austin’s first SciFi film fest, working in the capacity of Outreach Director and programmer. Another is local DIY-comedy-wrestling league, Party World Rasslin’, where Tessa scrambles around stage-handing and doing art department nonsense. Wrote and contributed to website and magazine Strange Kids Club for five years reviewing films, video games, and Halloween candy. Co-hosted a Public Access show called Ladies of Fandom. Previously guested on podcasts Blood Over Texas, Threequel Club, Trash in the Can, Retro Movie Roundtable, and Nerds with Mics.


Lewayne White (Screener Squad)

Lewayne’s earliest memories are of watching movies and reading comics, which instilled in him a sense of wonder, a vivid imagination, and unrealistic expectations. It also means he spends a lot of time watching movies, writing scripts for them, and trying to get them made. He lives in the middle of middle America after landing there as a child, and has remained there mainly because he hates packing.




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