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Screener Squad: The Swarm

The Swarm movie review


After being unable to screen at Cannes Film Festival last year, this French horror drama has been given new life thanks to a last minute save by Netflix. “The Swarm” follows Virginie (Suliane Brahim), a recently widowed scientist and farmer struggling to maintain a locust farm that helps provide feed for other farms in the community. On top of that, her kids are struggling to fit in with their schools and communities, who tease them for their mother’s career choice. After a heated incident, Virginie discovers that her locusts have developed a taste for blood that helps them reproduce exponentially faster than before. What follows is a strange journey she embarks on that challenges how willing (or crazy) she has to be to use this swarm to provide for her family. Justin, Drew, and Santiago felt bugged enough by the premise to figure out what’s the buzz about the movie. Is it a future cult art horror hit? Or is it destined to be exterminated amidst a swarm of foreign indie films? Find out the crew’s thoughts here.


DIRECTED BY: Just Philippot

STARRING: Suliane Brahim, Sofian Khammesas, Marie Narbonne, Raphael Romand, Nathalie Boyer, Victor Bonnel, Vincent Deniard, Christian Bouillette




Justin Zarian (Screener Squad, Eye on the Prize, Breakfast Pub, Assistant Site Manager)

Justin’s fate as a movie fanatic was written in the stars when his birth forced his parents to cancel their planned Oscar viewing party. While growing up in California, he was often seen in front of the television watching and re-watching Star WarsJurassic Park, classic Disney movies and a steady stream of animated shows. This eventually led to a B.A. in Film at Brigham Young University and an Outstanding Student Teacher Award for displaying a level of film knowledge so insane that even his fellow film students couldn’t compete. He received his M.A. from Syracuse University and is currently pursuing a teaching certificate, but still volunteers at One of Us every so often for the fun of it. His hobbies include non-stop film conversations, wondering how Mass Effect 3’s ending went so wrong, espousing the joys of shooting guns (but not hunting, as he’s quick to note), writing the next great American television show in his head, and anything else entertainment related. You can find him on Facebook once in a blue moon.



” width=Drew Tinnin (Screener Squad, Highly Suspect Reviews, Deliberations of Doom)

Drew Tinnin is a Rondo Award nominated interviewer and critic who has worked at SiriusXM’s Fangoria Radio and Fangoria magazine in NYC, as well as the London-based Dazed Digital. Currently a regular contributor to the Dread Central Network, he’s excited to join up with some old friends and other film fans on One of Us as a new contributor to Screener Squad.



” width=Santiago Ramos (Screener Squad)

Santiago is a young film watcher from South Texas, currently living in Austin. When he’s not getting raw inspiration piped into his brain with all form of art, movies, and books you can find him attempting to understand the wide world of synthesizers. The rest of his mind is crammed with craft hops and resin but he assures you that it makes for good conversation.



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