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Screener Squad: Hunter Hunter

Hunter Hunter Movie Review


Devon Sawa, Nick Stahl, grisly violence, some disinterested local cops, bleak backwoods, AND a rogue wolf possibly hunting humans? Why are you not watching this flick already? If you need more than that, Adrian, Matt, and Lewayne have risked their lives, struggled with failing internet, barely survived with one measly generator to keep all their devices working, and trekked into the darkest forest to bring back their review of “Hunter Hunter”, the latest movie by writer-director Shawn Linden. Listen to their campfire tale, as they relate the suffering they’ve seen, the blood that was shed, and ponderings of the darkest questions of the human heart, like, “Why they hell don’t they spackle those cracks in the cabin walls?” “Can’t they skin that animal somewhere OTHER THAN the kitchen table?” and, “Wait, was this set in the 90s?”. Hear them relate the horrors they’ve seen, so you may decide if you dare enter these unforgiving woods, or if you should run home and watch a holiday movie with a happy ending.


DIRECTED BY: Shawn Linden

STARRING: Devon Sawa, Camille Sullivan, Summer H. Howell, Nick Stahl, Gabriel Daniels, Lauren Cochrane, Jade Michael, Erik Athavale, Blake Taylor, Karl Thordarson




Adrian El Critico (Screener Squad)

Though born and raised in Chicago, this film critic is Mexican to the bone. Adrian has been watching movies since he was a child, many of which might not have been age appropriate. Still, he couldn’t get enough. All throughout his life, friends and family would look to him for his recommendations and reviews on whatever films had come their way. Inspired earlier in life by the likes of Ebert and Roper at The Movies and then later, Adrian decided film criticism and analysis provided a great outlet to further his love of film. He began to craft his reviews and thoughts on film in ways he thought would be accessible to devout film hounds as well as the casual viewer. Mixing in jokes, entertaining observations and robust critical analysis, Adrian El Critico may be new to OneOfUs, but he is already making a name for himself on our site. If Horror movies are your thing, get ready to hear his voice.


Matt Foster (Screener Squad)

Matt Foster is a stand up comic, podcaster, and movie critic currently living in the greater Salt Lake City area. His lifelong love of genre film began early, when he realized they freaked out his mom. He performs (epidemics permitting) regularly on Dungeons and Comedy, a DND live play with standup comedians, and is the slightly less mustache-y half of the Nighthawks Podcast, a cinema-centric discussion cohosted by Trevor T. Trujillo.



Lewayne White (Screener Squad)

Lewayne’s earliest memories are of watching movies and reading comics, which instilled in him a sense of wonder, a vivid imagination, and unrealistic expectations. It also means he spends a lot of time watching movies, writing scripts for them, and trying to get them made. He lives in the middle of middle America after landing there as a child, and has remained there mainly because he hates packing.



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