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Screener Squad: Save Yourselves!

Save Yourselves! Movie Review


This debut feature from writer/directors Alex Huston Fisher and Eleanor Wilson is a hybrid of mumblecore dramedy and low budget sci-fi. Twenty-something Brooklynites, Su and Jack (Sunita Mani and John Reynolds) go offline for a week in order to rekindle their marriage. They go to a cabin in the woods (does that ever turn out well in movies?) and ABSOLUTELY NO SMART PHONES OR DEVICES ARE ALLOWED. Wouldn’t you know it, the week they choose to unplug is the same week aliens decide to invade the Earth. While the world is under attack, Su and Jack spend their time bumbling through nature, cultivating sourdough yeast, and working on their relationship. They can’t stay blissfully ignorant forever, though. When the threat comes to the cabin, this likeable pair of hapless millenials are forced to learn how to survive. Listen to our team of housebound reviewers Adrian, Robert, Jordan, and Marco as they discuss why this quirky film was a welcome respite from their own pandemic-induced cabin fever.


DIRECTED BY: Alex Huston Fischer and Eleanor Wilson

STARRING: Sunita Mani, John Paul Reynolds, John Early, Jo Firestone, Amy Sedaris, Ben Sinclair, Johanna Day

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