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Screener Squad: Kajillionaire

Kajillionaire Movie Review


The deceptively simple plot of Miranda July’s third film “Kajillionaire” belies the much more complex subtextual discussion. It’s the tale of the Dynes, a mother (Debra Winger), father (Richard Jenkins), and daughter (Evan Rachel Wood) who live their lives as low-rent grifters. They bunk in a rented for cheap retail space next to…a bubble factory? Upshot being, several times a day as part of their routine, they keep the bubbles from overflowing into their living space. They grift what they can and it’s clear that the only people worth considering in this world to them, are themselves. Wood has never known anything but this existence and she’s distrustful and broken in a way that’s initially impossible to connect with outside of Wood’s thoughtful performance. When a newcomer comes into their tribe, the giddy just to be involved Gina Rodriguez, the status quo is shook and things seem sure to change. Chris, Frank, Santiago, and Brad take a look at this off-beat crime family film and give their thoughts.


DIRECTED BY: Miranda July

STARRING: Evan Rachel Wood, Richard Jenkins, Debra Winger, Gina Rodriguez, Mark Ivanir, Rachel Redleaf, Da’Vine Joy Randolph, Diana-Maria Riva, Randy Ryan, Jeffrey Nicholas Brown, Adam Bartley, Michelle Gillette

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