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Screener Squad: Uncle Peckerhead

Uncle Peckerhead Movie Review


STOP RIGHT THERE. Stop. Do not look at the name and the image of this movie and make assumptions. Because I’m going to tell you something that is not what you expected to hear. “Uncle Peckerhead” is one of the most fun movies you are going to see this year. This micro-horror is a splat-stick punk comedy about a band who has to hook up with a guy who lives in his van in order to go on tour, only to find out he turns into a monster every night and eats people. Not them, of course, they are his friends, but, you know, assholes. Some of us loved this, some called it ‘fun but flawed’ but either way, ‘fun’ is the operative word. Check out Chris, Santiago, Adrian, and Aaron on the review.


DIRECTED BY: Matthew John Lawrence

STARRING: David Bluvband, Adam R. Brown, Ryan Conrath, Kevin Lawrence, Mike Lawrence, David Littleton, Ruth Lolla, Greg Maness, Joey Maron, Ruby McCollister, Maureen McGowan, Alex McKelvey, Lucy McMichael, Wicky Mendoza, Shannon O’Neill

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