Screener Squad: The Tax Collector

The Tax Collector Movie Review


David (Bobby Soto), the titular Tax Collector, and his gun-toting pal, Creeper (Shia LeBeouf) spend their days collecting their cut of the local gangster income and mostly roll around living the good life. But, when Conejo, a genuine gangster from Mexico arrives to take over the criminal organizations, David has to decide if he’ll go along or risk his and his family’s lives to maintain control of his businesses in David Ayers’s latest crime thriller. Bradley leads his gang, Adrian, Hunter, and Lewayne, into enemy territory in this review. Check it and see if “The Tax Collector” beats them down, or they put a bullet in its head.



STARRING: Bobby Soto, Shia LaBeouf, Cinthya Carmona, George Lopez, Jay Reeves, Lana Parrilla, Chelsea Rendon, Cheyenne Hernandez, Gabriela Flores, Elpidia Carrillo, Brian Ortega, Brendan Schaub, Jose “Conejo” Martin

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