Screener Squad: The Garden Left Behind

The Garden Left Behind Movie Review


This debut film from writer/director Flavio Alves tells the story of a young undocumented Mexican transgender woman named Tina (Carlie Guevara) living with her grandmother in New York city in the height of an LGBTQ+ rights movement. The film also follows a young man named Chris (Anthony Abdo) who runs a corner convenience and sells awkward looks and misguided repression. While Tina attends therapy, drops baggage, and outwardly expresses her true self to the world. Chris escapes into the hole he has dug himself into to keep his truth from the world. Bradly, Adrian, Eliot, and Santiago gather together and discuss the surprisingly kind character cameos of Ed Asner and Michael Madsen, the line the film walks between over dramatic and genuine emotion, and praise the overall scenery of the big apple, amongst other details in their review.


DIRECTED BY: Flavio Alves

STARRING: Michael Madsen, Ed Asner, Carlie Guevara, Daniel Flaherty, Alex Kruz, Anthony Abdo, Miriam Cruz, Tamara M. Williams, Bernadette Quigley, Frances Lozada, Ivana Black, Lea Nayeli, Brock Yurich, Kristen Parker Lovell, Dawn Young, Devin Michael Lowe

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