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Screener Squad: She Dies Tomorrow

She Dies Tomorrow Movie Review


Amy has always been troubled but today she has an odd fixation: she’s going to die tomorrow. It’s not a threat, she just knows somehow, she’s going to die tomorrow. When she tells her friend Jane, she brushes it off as recognizable Amy-drama. But soon she too is sure..SHE is going to die tomorrow. It’s clear that this disturbing self-prediction of doom is a transmittable disease as more people start to become convinced of their own impending demise and acting accordingly. But what kind of movie is this? NEON seems to be wanting very badly to market this as a horror film, but at least one of our critics strongly disagrees. In fact, there’s no consensus between Chris, Adrian, Jordan, and Julien on this one at all, more like ranges of feeling from loved it to hated it. Listen to our review and hear the sparks fly.


DIRECTED BY: Amy Seimetz

STARRING: Kate Lynn Sheil, Jane Adams, Kentucker Audley, Chris Messina, Katie Aselton, Tunde Adebimpe, Jennifer Kim, Olivia Taylor Dudley, Michelle Rodriguez, Josh Lucas, Adam Wingard

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