Screener Squad: Ravage

Ravage Movie Review


Wrapped in bandages from head to toe, the severely burned Harper (Annabelle Dexter-Jones) attempts to provide answers as to why she stabbed a state trooper, but the police dismiss her story as a “hillbilly fairy tale”. They assume she’s just a tweaker who blew herself up in a meth lab accident. The detective in charge (Michael Weaver) visits Harper in the hospital and gives her one more chance to tell him what really happened. Thus begins the story of Harper, a professional wildlife photographer hiking through the remote wilds of Virginia’s Watchatoomy Valley. While taking photos, she sees something she shouldn’t have. Soon, vengeful rednecks are hot on her trail but they didn’t count on Harper’s experience in the great outdoors or her keen survival skills.

With good location work, some clever kills, and a strong performance from Dexter-Jones, we found a lot to like in this debut feature from writer/director Teddy Grennan. That being said, we had some questions of our own like: does “Ravage” successfully balance its sleazy grindhouse premise with its arthouse ambitions? What the hell is up with Bruce Dern’s nose hair? If this movie were a sandwich, would it be keto-friendly? Listen to our very own defective detectives, Adrian, Wright, Santiago, and Marco as they sift through the carnage for answers.


DIRECTED BY: Teddy Grennan

STARRING: Bruce Dern, Annabelle Dexter-Jones, Eric Nelsen, Robert Longstreet, Joshua Brady, Ross Partridge, Chris Pinkalla, Drake Shannon, Michael Weaver

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