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Screener Squad: Project Power

Project Power Movie Review


Ever wanted to be a superhero without having to survive a lab accident or witness the tragic death of a parental figure? A new drug is flooding the streets of New Orleans infusing the addict with a random superpower for 5 minutes. Who are these dealers and what do they want in return? An ex-military man and father, Art (Jamie Foxx) with the help of a teen street informant (Dominique Fishback) and an edgy cop who plays by his own rules (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) infiltrate the secret circle of Project Power. Bradly, Dogget, Jordan, and Santiago assemble and assess the power of Netflix’s A-lister recruitment strategy, discuss what’s in a superpower, and contemplate comic inspired themes against the backdrop of New Orleans


DIRECTED BY: Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost

STARRING: Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Dominique Fishback, Colson Baker, Rodrigo Santoro, Amy Landecker, Allen Maldonado, Kyanna Simone Simpson, Andrene Ward-Hammond, Courtney B. Vance, Casey Neistat, Jim Klock, Luke Hawx, Janet Nguyen, Rose Bianco, Tait Fletcher, Yoshi Sudarso

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