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One of Us Show: Live From The End of the World – Ep 23

Live From The End of the World Ep 2


Kaiju expert (and the host of our own Giganticast show) Matt Frank joins Chris this week as does One Of Us stalwart Aaron in order to fully discuss Gamera and that new exhaustive box set that Arrow has just released. Matt contributed both the art for it and a commentary track so he has a lot of insight into both it, and the full run of Gamera films. Add to that a brief overview of some of the new trailers that debuted at DC Fandome, and you got a show bursting at the seams with good stuff.

And how’s this for a bonus for subscribers? Here’s an entire mini-show follow-up we did with Matt picking out some of his favorite and rarest Kaiju toys from his collection, showing ’em off, and talking about the stories behind them. Subscribers at BROWN COAT and above can check out that video right here.

Hopefully you’ll be able to buy this for yourself soon. Right now, it’s SOLD OUT.
Arrow Gamera Blu-Ray Box Set Review

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