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Screener Squad: You Don’t Nomi

You Don't Nomi Movie Review


In 1995, Paul Verhoeven’s “Showgirls” opened to terrible reviews, and poor box office. A notorious bomb, it derailed the careers of its writer, director, and leading lady, swept the Razzies, and has since become a byword for abject failure. Despite “Showgirls” horrible reputation (or perhaps because of it), the film has gained a devoted cult following in the 25 years since it premiered.

In what is essentially a feature-length video essay, director Jeffrey McHale and nearly a dozen other contributors make the case for why “Showgirls” deserves a critical reevaluation. Is the film a misunderstood masterpiece, an inspirational feminist parable, or is it just campy fun in a “so bad it’s good” kind of way? All these angles and more are explored in “You Don’t Nomi” but the real question is, did the documentary change the minds of our live nude reviewers Ryan, Frank, and Marco? Listen to them bare it all in our review!


DIRECTED BY: Jeffrey McHale

STARRING: Elizabeth Berkley, Joe Eszterhas, Gina Gershon, Joshua Grannell, April Kidwell, Kyle MacLachlan, Haley Miotek, Adam Nayman, David Scmader, Paul Verhoeven

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