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Screener Squad: The Ghost of Peter Sellers

The Ghost of Peter Sellers Movie Review


No, this movie is not about the ghost of Peter Sellers haunting a film studio by reenacting his famous characters. As fun as that would have been, this is actually a very personal documentary about the catastrophic production of the 1973 movie, “The Ghost in the Noonday Sun”. Directed by Peter Medak, he recounts his time making the film and his tumultuous relationship with its star, Peter Sellers. Utilizing over 40-year-old footage and modern-day interviews, Medak takes us back to where it all went wrong and who may be to blame. Lewayne, Frank, and London are here to tell you if this documentary is worth a watch or if it should be put to rest.


DIRECTED BY: Peter Medak

STARRING: Peter Medak, Joe Dunne, Simon van der Borgh, Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan, Norma Farnes, Louis M. Heyward, Susan Wood, John Heyman, Liza Minnelli, John Goldstone, David Korda, Ruth Myers, Robin Dalton, Costas Evagorou

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