Screener Squad: Proximity

Proximity Movie Review


Proximity begins where most movies of this type end. Isaac, in a great performance by Ryan Masson, is abducted by aliens, gets it on camera, AND uploads it on youtube. The problem is he goes and reads the comments. Determined to prove he isn’t a horrible liar he sets out to find more proof and uncovers a massive conspiracy. Before long he is beset with secret agents, robot stormtroopers on motorcycles, and crazy old conspiracy guys who might just be right. Isaac, a fellow abductee, played by Highdee Kuan, and a random guy they meet who has a computer go on an adventure to find out the truth behind it all. Come listen to Aaron, Bradley, and Harmoni be pleasantly surprised by this fun alien abduction adventure film. AND STAY TUNED AFTER THE REVIEW FOR AN INTERVIEW BY BRADLY WITH DIRECTOR ERIC DEMEUSY.



DIRECTED BY: Eric Demeusy

STARRING: Ryan Masson, Highdee Kuan, Christian Prentice, Shaw Jones, Don Scribner, Christopher Murray, Ben Sullivan, Sarah Navratil, Darin Cooper, Jeff Davis, Pamela Holt, Blaine Gray, Dan Warner, Jordan Tortorello, Kylie Contreary

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