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Screener Squad: Into the Dark – Delivered

Into the Dark: Delivered Movie Review


The Screener Squad returns to the strange world of Hulu’s Into the Dark horror anthology with their newest release Delivered. The story follows a pregnant woman, Valerie (Natalie Paul) who is eagerly awaiting the birth of her child, and it has been an incredibly complicated pregnancy. Things are only going to get more complicated once she and her husband Tom (Michael Cassidy) become friends with another pregnant woman Jenny (Tina Majorino) that leads to a whole new series of complications they couldn’t predict. The anthology has not exactly been well received by the horror community, but can this new Mother’s Day centric outing shake things up? Aaron, Santiago, Luna, and Lewayne weigh in on if this delivered or if it needed more time to gestate.




STARRING: Natalie Paul, Tina Majorino, Michael Cassidy, Micah Joe Parker, Stacie Greenwell, Rosslyn Luke, Jackie Mah, Alessandra Manon, Taj

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