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Screener Squad: Have A Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics

Have a Good Trip Movie Review


There has been a decent amount of documentaries made about psychedelic drugs. Most chart the history or the science behind them. Some chart the cultural impact. This one should have been called, “So, You’ve Decided You’re Taking Psychedelic Drugs…”. A vast array of famous faces came together to admit they’ve dropped acid and both tell you tales of their experiences with it and give instructions to the prospective psychonauts out there. Mixed with interstitial Peter Max-ish animation and running gags of multiple sorts, our crew dug this trippy experience. Listen to Chris, Jena, Harmoni, and Max tell you about the weird shit they saw.


DIRECTED BY: Donick Cary

STARRING: Sting, A$AP Rocky, Bill Kreutzmann, Rosie Perez, Reggie Watts, Robert Ben Garant, Thomas Lennon, Brett Gelman, Will Forte, David Cross, Carrie Fisher, Natasha Lyonne, Anthony Bourdain, Ben Stiller, Deepak Chopra, Sarah Silverman, David Koechner, Andy Richter, Judd Nelson, Jim James, Diedrich Bader, Lewis Black, Charles Grob, Rob Huebel, Nick Kroll, Rob Corddry, Matt Besser, Adam Horovitz, Kathleen Hanna, Paul Scheer, Marc Maron, Nick Offerman, Sherpard Fairey, Zach Leary, Donovan, Fred Willard, Haley Joel Osment, Ron Funches, Adam Devine, Adam Scott

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