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Screener Squad: A Good Woman is Hard to Find

A Good Woman is Hard to Find Movie Review


Sarah Bolger delivers a career-high performance in this role as a widowed mom struggling to support her two children in a bad part of town. She’s determined to understand who and why her husband was murdered, but the police have written it off as a bad drug deal and she is largely treated by other townsfolk as trash. When a thug forces his way into her home to use it as a hideout and stash place for drugs he stole from a local heavy, she is forced to make some serious life-changing decisions. Chris, Joshua, and Adrian took a look at this thriller that originally premiered to acclaim at Fantasia film festival and were not as taken with it as lots of others seemed to be, but have no end of praise for Bolger’s taut performance. Check out the review here.


DIRECTED BY: Abner Pastoll

STARRING: Sarah Bolger, Edward Hogg, Andrew Simpson, Jane Brennan, Caolan Byrne, Packy Lee, Susan Ateh, Siobhan Kelly, Rudy Doherty, Macie McCauley, Josh Bolt, James McCaffrey, Nigel O’Neill, Daryl McCormack, Sean Sloan, Jo Donelly, Mary Lindsay, Rafaela Dias

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